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Special Studio Tour!

In this special broadcast, I’ll take you through a special tour of my studio in Los Angeles (California, USA). Come and see my business, explore my studio, and find out more about our first upcoming European broadcast.


  1. Best advice: when you’re feeling burnt out, take a break. Take a day or two off. Businesses are created on joy. The more joy I go after, the more joy I experience, the more magic I experience. Also – fill your space with love. Spaces don’t have energy, but people do. And they can fill a space with love. Another gem: You are as professional as you decide to be. Own your space, your path, and the direction that you walk in with confidence and joy. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

    Loved this! Love your space. Dreaming of my own for the future.

  2. So thrilled and proud and humbled to be a part of this community. Better and richer and more comprehensive with every content addition. So many heartfelt thanks.

  3. thank you Sue for never giving up! you have created an Amazing family here! thank you so much,you are loved more than you will every know <3