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50:52 Duration

Shooting with Angles


    1. Use a lens that is the equivalent, eg my Olympus has a crop factor of 2 so 17mm or there abouts is e equivalent of 35mm on full frame.

  1. Sue, for now the only choice is my 50mm and I have a curves shoot coming up. How could I build a “work around” to build distortion to flatter curves while only using a 50 mm? Greater distance from model would be an answer?

  2. How I truly would like to say thank you for your craft. Since owning it and taken the time to educate others. For sharing your craft, I’m so excited to learn and desire to do you proud in learning your craft

  3. You probably get sick of hearing how amazing you are to so many people…but, too bad, because here goes again. Everything about you is amazing…your talent, your heart, your passion, your teaching abilities, and last, but not least…that voice. You kill me. This was such an eye opening video. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to explain the same thing more than once and then showing it, and then for answering questions. I feel like I’ve been to school!

  4. Omg this video was SO eye opening for me…I have been struggling with some of this stuff and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get bodies to look right…and then it was creating a whole spiral of self-doubt that maybe I’m not ready for prime time…thank you so much!

    1. Great video Sue!

      I’ve seen other photographers shoot as wide as 24-28 (on slim/fit people) and get great results as well.