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Shooting & Marketing 50+ Women

Women over 50 are everything to me.
Over the years I’ve loved building my folio for women over 50.

She’s my mother, my aunt, a wise friend, she’s someone who I love.

And these women are GREAT BUSINESS! Statistically women over fifty are the wealthiest demographic in the world. Yet they are almost completely ignored in international marketing.

Let’s change that. Starting today!


  1. I so LOVE this Sue. I started marketing this on Facebook and it generated such an interest. Now, I just need to run with it! I will be 49 next month and in a slump. I had a hysterectomy two years ago and it sent me into early menopause. I gained 30 pounds, lost interest in the romantic end of my marriage and in myself. I feel so frumpy. Also, I have a full time hectic job, an 11 year old, a dog, a home, and started three years ago in this crazy world of photography. I do believe I am not alone in this. I think at 50 and over we, as women, get lost. This is a GREAT way to show women you are not forgotten. so LOVE this! 🙂 Thank you Sue! By the way Robin, you are beautiful!

  2. I turn 50 this July. I’d love to have my photo taken by a professional. Hey wait, I”m working on that. LOL! I’ve actually taken my own photos at 40 and they came out pretty darn good. Self portraits at 50 with this much more knowledge will be interesting. Interesting to compare as well.

  3. I love it, I want to see you shoot a curvy not so curvy, kinda like my body (sack of potatoes) I will be turning 55 in May 19 I hope I get picked to see you live, Love you Sue!

  4. All this 50 and plus is very exiting to me!! most of my friends are turning 50 and I will soon. I’m going to have my son to send you a video of why I need a shoot with you :))))

  5. Sue , you need “furniture sliders” to put under the feet/legs of your furniture. They help you easily slide furniture without scratching floors. They are round discs in various sizes. Lowes, Home Depot, Hardware stores carry them. I love mine!

  6. Oh my gosh Sue, You have hit it on the nose for me. I had just turned 49 and working on my 50th year. I feel as though I have disappeared into the walls. This is something that I really want to focus on. I want to have a 50plus shoot celebrating my life. I am looking forward to this. I know that fifty and plus we deserve the love! Thank you so much for bringing this to us.