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33:42 Duration

Sheer Skirt

Set Up

Sue talks through her lighting set up for shooting Rayna in the sheer skirt outfit.

Items Used:

Key Things to Take Away:

  • When you shoot video and stills, having constant light is the most useful.
  • Covering the window with a vflat takes away any unwanted contrast on the backdrop


Sue shoots Rayna in motion! Watch as she also shoots video in real time using her homemade tulle lens-skirt.

Items Used:

  • Cheap flower chain (from Michael’s)
  • Tulle camera lens skirt

Key Things to Take Away:

  • The hardest part about photographing dancers is there’s not much room for them to extend while still being in frame. Keep that in mind when shooting people in motion. Sometimes you will need to stop and pose them.
  • Shooting with tulle in front of your lens can create a cloud-like overlay.

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  1. LOVE I have a quick question. I have Alien Skin Exposure, the most recent version; however, I do not see the “Color Fading” option Sue has used herein. There is a “Faded” section, but it does not encompass all the options that are available in this retouching video. Do you have any insight? My guess is that it’s probably organized differently with Alien Skin, but I cannot seem to find similar editing options. These are beautiful…