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Set Your Intention

Are you ready for this? Are you ready for the next 12 weeks?

Alright. Let’s get started.

In 2017 I want us ALL to take a step together towards transforming our lives and our businesses. This is your step-by-step program to create a powerful, profitable portrait photography business. We’ll work from the ground up. It doesn’t matter if you are starting fresh, if you haven’t started yet, or if you have an existing business you need to restart with new eyes and mindset.

Every week the challenges roll out. You are welcome to work at your own pace, get a study buddy, or join our 12-week startup Facebook group. We can look to each other for support and feedback. We’ll be learning or revisiting camera fundamentals, working on beautiful light, and mastering the pose and direction.


  1. Second go around chance of a lifetime. 7am best way to begin the day listening to you Sue. Noticing tears rolling down sides of my face and realizing how crippling this feels in my life. How much I want it. Move beyond paralyzing fear of watching vs doing. Please move just move this is my daily intention to move forward through all the steps to make a dream come true.

  2. Watching this again and I am hearing things that I did not hear before, I know right good enough for me and my family, Your so right Sue. A folio that i can show to the world,

  3. So excited to be on board with like minded people. Looking forward to this 12 week start up.

    I am so excited to be on board with like minded people. Looking forward to this m12 week start up.

  4. I’m laid out flat from a back injury, so this is either the absolute worst time to start this 12-week program, or the very best time to start. I’m committed to week 1! 😊

  5. I have taken a week to ‘own’ my course membership and this has been a very smart move as I commence the 12 week Start-up. I started with the same small but sturdy doubts as many or most of you.
    I’ve watched and listened, pondered, soul-searched and researched the authors and sources mention casually by Sue.
    You know what? Just a mere week ago my belief I will be one of the actual successes was at about 10%. No Joke. Here, tonight, I am at 90%.
    -Just a week later.

    That 10% of uncertainty left is, “Well, I could get in a car accident and die, but if that doesn’t happen, Meh, I am pretty darn sure I will be one of the many successes here.
    Thank you, Sue.

  6. Thank you for the mp3 on goals. I have started writing my intention, and visualize it. My first one is to get through this 12 weeks. I followed along the first one but didn’t walk towards it or do that work. I had one big block back then that I *still* have to deal with. I have to clear a space in my house to even start the portfolio build.

  7. omg…she’s addressing every frickin’ fear i have. I don’t have enough equipment (lens etc). My camera (d5300) isn’t good enough. I’m so glad I chose to take this course.

    1. Using my iPhone and film camera Bridgett. All I have. Bloom where planted heh? Been looking for digital camera. Just going to start.

  8. I love your work Sue, I watch some if your videos and I was blown away by your images but only now did I listen and truly listen to you and your intentions in doing this is so selfless that I feel sets you apart and people are drawn to you because you Literally wanted to help us ” budding photographers” . Thank you for overcoming your challenges and huddlesand now teaching us how to go about it. I hope I can meet you someday to hug you and personally thanks you. My husband is also a big fan of your and we are doing this together. I will enjoy this journey as I commit myself to changing my way of thinking. That there is another way of doing things and I can improve and be better and stop comparing myself to others and think of the value I can give to others. I remember a good quote saying ” you don’t need to find your worth you bring it with you when you’re born ” again cheers to you!

  9. I finally folded and joined Sue Bryce Education after months and months of watching and listening… I’m blown away! This is just what I needed to get out of my rut and get my business started!

    1. No they are subscription not download as I wanted to keep the content on here and keep the price point low

  10. I’ve been buying tutorials and chasing photographic knowledge for three or four years. This is the finest most affordable collection of material I’ve ever found. I’m kicking myself for not finding it sooner.

  11. So, here I am starting in the live week 11, so I’m not sure how folio submission and critique will work for me, but I am planning to take a few shots to the AIPP critique night for the ACT week after next, so that should be interesting!
    Thank you for all that you do, Sue! You are amazing! I can’t wait to do a live 3D workshop with you in the future! (hopefully, somewhere AMAZING!!) 🙂
    Tabitha from Tabbycat Images

  12. I’m just starting now! Wow, so inspired. Can we get audio for the embedded videos in each week? I’d love to have audio to listen to on i-tunes

  13. I am wonderfully aroused to have found beautiful Sue….wow so smart and spiritually strong. I just joined and have so much to learn about this business. Creatively strong, I want to be one of the Best! Thank you for this great live session and although I am late joining, I trust that this will create many wonderful connections for all of us. Cheers everyone and so happy to be here😍

  14. This is so incredible, I found you through Creative Live about two months ago. I´ve seen tons of courses but not in the portrait genre. When I started to see “Glamour photography” something happen inside of me. It was like I finally got to see, feel och breath what I wanted to photograph. Thank you Sue! The last month has been a real struggle for me to choose my future path. But finally I know and feel totally blessed and happy, knowing I´m on the right course to a successful life. I´m so excited to put in the hard work <3

  15. Finaly just started my 12 week program, excited! Already did the 28 weeks with Sue, but still have lots to learn and many blocks to overcome. Good luck to you all but most of all, have lots of fun. Sue you are a great and inspirational mentor and I always love to watch your video’s. Thank you for your lessons and words of wisdom.

  16. And just to add…I’ve been a Sue Bryce education follower since 2014 when I watched a Budoir segment on CreativeLIVE! I have those sessions burned to DVDs.

  17. I am SOSOSOOSSOOOSSOOO very excited to now be enrolled in this twelve week startup education! I wanted to join weeks ago but wasn’t able to. It’s never too late, right!

  18. I am just starting this, I am excited and so ready! I know i want to have a successful business by the time i have children. I am ready to do this. I know my limits and i am ready for you to knock them down. Lets do this!

    1. Jennifer Richardson, I may be wrong but I think Sue has reached her friend request limit on FB. I’m on Sue Bryce Education on FB. Is that the 12 week one your’e speaking of? I saw another one that simply says Sue Bryce and it told me she has reached her limit.

  19. I decided to go ahead and join as well. This site has always been a great inspiration for me so I am sure this will as well. I took about 4 months off from Photography courses, work and groups, but am now back and ready to work! I look forward to it.

  20. Just joined to… more excuses…I have sat and watched while others progressed and I have procrastinated…I certainly don’t have the fancy gear but will give it my all.

  21. Sue is compelling. She is such an inspiration to all aspiring photographers, with all the motivation and generosity she’s imparting in all her educational videos. Love and Respect.

  22. Hello…. if someone could answer it would be great. I have requested entrance to the Facebook Group about 10 days ago. Did it a second time a week ago. I still am not approved, cannot engage in the group or post… can someone help? It says “Pending” on the page now.

    1. Andrea, if you are still waiting to get in to the group, please cancel your request and resubmit your request. Then tag Nikki Closer and Sue Bryce in the main SBE group. There are too many requests coming in with many not being a member of the education website. This will help them find your request. Thanks!

  23. I have just joined! I am so excited to begin the next chapter of my life. Thank you Sue you are so creative and talented and such an out of the box thinker. Love it! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  24. I have just joined this group and I am so excited to make my business work, because I believe it. Thanks Sue for sharing your gift with us. Such a blessing!

  25. I just joined today after watching some youtube videos on posing curvy girls as I have a curvy girl boudoir styled session coming up on Sunday, I was feeling nervous about posing her. I have been wanting to create a women based segment of my business for several years now, but I never really get any where with as I am busy “making money” with all the things I really don’t want to be doing… This year I shall tackle this goal ! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us ! I VALUE IT !

  26. Hi, just joined up, very new to all of this and portrait photography but have a great desire to make it work, am I too late to join in 12 wk start up as you started on 3rd ??

  27. OMG SUE your LIVE is so powerful
    You are inspirational motivational
    no more complaining or excuses!!!!
    We are limitless I am changing my Facebook profile photo NOW!!!!!

    1. OMG SUE your LIVE is so powerful
      You are inspirational motivational
      no more complaining or excuses!!!!
      We are limitless I am changing my Facebook profile photo NOW!!!!!

  28. Hello!! It’s been a few days already I have sent a FB request for your 12-Week Portrait startup Facebook closed group, and haven’t been accepted yet!!! Please add me in!!! Thank you so much!!

  29. Hello everyone!! I signed up for the 12-week start up and I went to the Facebook group to join. I sent the request last week and I haven’t been accepted. Can you please guide me on what I need to do to be accepted on the FBgroup? Thank you!!!

    1. Sorry Allan, I just saw your request…. I see Emelie passed to you. Did you get approved? I have been waiting to get approved and nothing happened yet. 🙁

  30. Good evening! I am just joining the 12 week startup today, and beginning to work my way through it. I requested to join the FB group earlier. I was wondering where to find the week 1 PDF that Sue references on the Jan 3 live. Thanks so much ;o)

  31. I too am trying to locate the Goal Setting PDF, I am only able to locate to mp3 even after going under the downloads at the top. Any luck anyone on how to get it?

  32. Hi I just got accepted by Nikki Closser to the 12 week FB GROUP but I can’t see anything in the group. I got a notification but when I go there it says “Cancel join request”. Thanks for accepting me! Please let me know what to do next.

  33. Hi, my name is Max, and I am new to this, only now just joining/watching your videos. I guess my first question is how do I become part of the group and have access to the support you talk about. I am in a place where I have so many aspirations but feel stuck and in need of direction to achieve my goals.

    1. Also, how or where do I find the PDF you refer to in you Live session of week one? I would like to use it to follow along/catch up to the group, also to help set my intentions/goals.
      Thank you for your commitment to better the lives of so many people, it’s inspirational. 🙂

  34. I was hesitating about joining this 12 week program, but I said “this is definetly the year to make it happen for me”. I signed up last night and after watching this first session I am really glad because I know I made the right decision. Thank you Sue for your words because it is the empowerment most of us need when we are making a huge change in our lives. Cheers!!!

  35. Feeling the fire glow from within, thank you! I thought I would share this little interaction I had with a stranger yesterday when speaking to her of my project of building my first studio space. When I spoke hesitantly saying I hope I create something special for people she stopped me and said, “Not hope my dear. You already have.” She was right. If you’ve started those steps, listened to what your passions and dreams are you are already creating something special. Keep going everyone x

  36. I wasn’t going to buy the course, but I kept seeing it pop up, and it felt like I was being prodded a bit each time. I finally joined, and the first videos made me so glad I did. I needed these words… I look forward to more.

  37. I’m so excited for this even though I’m a bit late in joining! For Christmas my husband bought me 28 Days on Creative Live, and now I’m so excited to be taking part in this challenge as well! You are so inspirational and I absolutely cannot wait to keep learning from you! Thank you for all that you do for the photography community!

  38. Thank you for this! I loved your live video – your enthusiasm is so contagious. This is the year that I’m going to realize my dream of selling my artwork: both my portrait photography and my fine art and illustration. I’m spending the next couple of months laying out the foundation for these two dreams. Thank you so much for showing me that it’s possible.

  39. Thanks so much Sue. Just a smidgeon late in starting. I don’t see the pdf download for the goal setting only the .mp3. I also looked in the downloads. Thanks so much.

    1. Abra – Try the Downloads page, which you can access from the upper right hand corner of this page.

    2. I have tried the downloads page and do not see the Goal Setting PDF. If you have had any success in finding it can you please share?

    1. Jan – Try the Downloads page, which you can access from the upper right hand corner of this page. Hope this helps. 🙂

  40. I’m also just getting started on week one! I’m so excited about this journey! I’m so grateful for you sharing your knowledge with us. Thank you Sue! <3

  41. I’m a little late to the party – just watched the first sequence. WOW! Sue isn’t just teaching how to make business work, my whole life can work better with these principles – starting with that pest of a negative voice! Yes, that is the first thing to go. Thanks for being an encourager Sue. 🙂

  42. I put on my Intentions list that I wanted to have 6 folio build shoots for January and 6 for February. So far I have all my slots for January and half the slots for February filled. I’m so excited to be building a folio I love. Thanks Sue and team for making the education so clear and easy to follow.

  43. Completely missed “Start Here”. I am in tears. Just these videos have reminded me of WHAT is holding me back. You have been one of my role models, my heroes for years, Sue, I can’t thank you more for making this course available.

    Off to get caught up for today.

  44. I’ve been following you since your first Creative Live days. I am now investing in me and I’m ready to transform my art, create a successful business and become the best me I can be. Thank you! Let’s do this!

    1. Diana…I would say no, but you’re going to have a buttload of homework this week!

      Welcome to the journey…the excitement…the madness…

      welcome to your success!

  45. I have needed a 2×4 wakeup call to get me started on the journey of self discovery and on the road to where I know I belong. Sue, you have firmly provided the wakeup call and the encouragement to get motivated on the road. My intention is to get past my fear that my work is not good enough and believe others that it is great. To improve my belief of self worth and acknowledge the great skill and passion to put women at ease and capture the beauty that lies within and desires to come forth into the light.To share the talent that God has blessed me with and allow others to be blessed through the use of those talents to share their beauty for generations to come. The next 12 weeks will allow me to put my knowledge and skills into alignment to provide the proper form and structure to support the weight of the body that is my business.

  46. JUST what I needed to hear. I’m excited that I finally decided to join and learn from you on how to grow not only my business but myself. Thank you in advance.

  47. When I click on the “Facebook Group: 12-Week Portrait Startup” link to the right here, it takes me to a page that says, “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now.” Help?

  48. Is this video available to non-members? If this doesn’t sell becoming a member, I don’t know what will. You couldn’t be more clear and inspirational in this one. XO

  49. Sue, I’m so excited about this next 12-Weeks!! You are going to brainwash me into starting my portrait business correctly and with conviction! Thanks so much for being my mentor! xo

  50. Hi Sue thanks for an inspirational start, I’ve been trying to get my photography business going for a few years now. I have the setup and know my way around it but my biggest challenge is marketing and selling.

    My intention is to build a photography business that lets me step away from my IT consultancy so I can spend less time travelling and more time with my family before they’re all grown up

  51. having opened my studio in november last year, this 12wk startup is the perfect companion for me. i am excited, motivated and confident. thank you sue for teaching us.

  52. I am sooo excited!!!! i have been following you for years now, and have purchased your creative live videos as well. I are an amazing person and i am so thankful for you doing this startup!! <3

    1. The PDF is in “Downloads”. Link can be found at the very top of the site. So far there is just one PDF for the start up. There will be more added each week.

  53. Hi Sue I starting a bit late but I am so excited about these 12 weeks. I am such a beginner in all this, have no idea about anything about the business but love photography more than anything I am ready to start. I am so grateful that I found you. This is exactly what I was looking for and I thank you for shearing your knowledge, professional and personal experience. Cannot wait for what is in front of me…

  54. Wowsa Sue! Feeling the energy and ready to begin. Taking a chance on me because it is my turn. Fellow photographers who I have learned from say I have the eye, Always went with the feeling of getting that shot, now I just need to remove the block of learning the technical part. I mean math numbers iso shutter speed aperture camera angles posing. Intention=results. Learned this long ago and lost myself along the way. Ready to take the reigns and soar to new places and surround myself with people who move me, who make me want to get up in the morning and jump out of bed. Thank you Sue. May each of us find our inner light to learn and grow.

  55. What an amazing way to start 2017! Thank you Sue ~ I am incredibly grateful to have access to this program and I know it takes a lot of hard work from you and your team to give us such valuable content presented so beautifully!

  56. Thank you Sue for the inspirational message and the solid guidance you’re providing to help so many others get started (or kick started) to having a successful business. Many of your messages can be applied to so many area of life, not only photography. I think your next calling is in motivational speaking. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all.

  57. What a beautiful soul you are Sue! Your true intentions, are well received by me. I can see you truly want to help us succeed! Thank you for being you! Looking forward to make things happen this year!!

  58. Wow! Thanks Sue, you’ve got me hyperventilating. watching this videos made me realised i need to add more value to myself and work on building my confidence.

  59. I have many professional goals, but by watching Sues’ videos I realized that without self value I cant advance. My main intention is to my value myself and my work. I am also working to become more confident, to increase my marketing and selling skills.

  60. I’ve been following you for a bit more than 2 years and I’m so grateful for everything i’ve been learning along the way. You’ve helped me a LOT and still us. It’s a long road and I’m amazed and excited as much as what’s behind than what’s awaiting. Even though it’s sometime painful, I keep walking through those hurdles, because I worth it and you’ve helped me see it. Thank you so much. You’re such an inspiration. <3 and cupcakes

  61. Hi Sue, I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you! These words have truly been speaking to my heart, my head and my soul. I want to say that I am with you 1000% percent. I believe that I am worth it, that I do have unlimited potential. I have written down your every word and downloaded it. So that I can hear you again and again and read these incredible words, that lift me into a new direction and vision. I cant tell you how much I need this in my life right now, you are a God send.

  62. My goals are defined, tangible and written down. I looked at them first thing this morning and plan to read them every morning. I agree with you Sue that thoughts are very powerful and can either propel us forward or stop us in our tracks. Once we get our thoughts on the correct path that’s where we will find success. Thanks!

  63. Thank you Sue, I’m finally going to start the program. I have many goals that I want to achieve with photography and starting to earn income is one of them. I feel I’m a strong enough photographer but taking money is my weakness so it’s time to take control and earn, earn, earn that money!

  64. Thank you Sue! I didn’t think my intention was going to be so long. It was amazing to see what I wrote down once heard you say “write it for yourself, no one else is going to read this.” My intention list grew and I wrote it from my heart… RAW & REAL!! Can’t wait to make this happen. Thank you once again.

  65. Sue, you are just what I need. You are my inner voice, my inner power house, pushing and encouraging me to believe in myself that I am good enough and that I can & WILL succeed.
    I want to create beautiful photographs of women making them feel good about themselves & get paid in return. I want to be ready & prepared to take that next step into having my own business and studio.
    Thank you Sue

  66. Thank you Sue for this inspiring introduction. The pacing feels comforting, except for the homework list. Do I need to read the book and watch all those videos before I can even get started? I was hoping to follow this training for basics and catch up on the other videos as I dig deeper into the subject.

  67. I have the hebbie gebbies because I’m so excited!!! I’ve watch the money and self value videos but will watch them again! I just can’t wait to BE!! I can’t wait to BE a great photographer.
    I can’t wait to BE self valued!!
    I can’t wait to BE financially free!!
    I can’t wait to BE a photographer who shows women that they ARE beautiful!!
    I just can’t wait to BE!!

  68. Sue, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are amazing! My intentions are to:
    Become a full-time children’s photographer within 6 months
    Be an award winning photographer
    Travel around the world using my photography to help children
    Teach others how to photograph their children

    I couldn’t start 2017 a better way.
    Thank you

  69. I know my intention. I want to create the best portraits for people and be the best portrait photographer in my region and then in my country 🙂 Thank you Sue!!

  70. this is a refresher for me and Sue Bryce this has bin Mind blowing to every thing from being a Photographer, starting a new Business , and everything in-between , over the last few months I have paid close attention to you Sue going over and over your Videos and it has made me a better Photographer in every way and shows me where I want to go with my business! last month I did 2 shoots in my studio ,and every move and word I said in these sessions I would be thinking what did Sue say and how would Sue do this….with my reveals from the 2 shoots I was blown away my clients said that I made them feel so Beautiful about them selfs and I gave them the best experience they have ever had! they both walked away with my large packages $2300 folio box of 20 and a 20 x 30 large print and USB port! it was such a magical feeling in every way I feel like I have Arrived at my front door of my Photography and now have the confidence and say welcome come sit and feast on your hard work… I know I have so much more to grow in every way possible so here I am making the 12 weeks to only make me a better Photographer I am so much in Love with my work I can not wait to meet the next client and give them every thing I have to make there shoot there Dream come true! thank you Bryce for showing me my way! Thank You!

  71. I’m excited to expand my folio and can’t wait to implement so many of your ideas. Drawing from your years of experience is priceless. Thanks Sue!

  72. So incredible Sue! You are a master at drawing us in to feel your excitement and passion. Really looking forward to all that you are sharing with us over the next 12 weeks and getting to know some wonderful people in the process 🙂

  73. THANKS SUE! I really appreciate all that you’ve put into this. I promise to not let me or you down. I’m moving onto a different road, taking a detour, and not continuing Einstein’s theory of insanity, again, repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  74. Thank you Sue. What a beautiful introduction to 2017. I am more ready than ever now. My goal was set for this year and I am super excited to kick start my new career for me.

    1. If you can’t find on here I downloaded mine for free just by Google search it’s available…

    2. There’s an audio on YouTube too for those of you that don’t have time to read like me 😉

  75. I’ve been looking so hard and long for a mentor…you are just that! I could not ask for anything more. The gratitude that I feel right now is so over powering…like POW! So now that I’ve just picked myself up off the floor (smile) ..let’s do this thang! Ha! Here we go!!?

  76. Sue, you understand people and me so well! The way you articulate your talks is so touching and instructional and inspirational! You are like the mother, big sister, aunt, teacher, mentor that many of didn’t have while growing up and wish we did! Thank you for believing in us and expressing it and teaching us how to become all that we are capable of! I came to your New York workshop last February and thought that my photography career would take off after that! But the work, oh my God, the work! And the blocks, oh my God, the blocks! I have come a long way but I have so much further to go and I’m excited and hopeful once again! Thank you and Much Love to you!!!!!!!!!!

  77. This introductory to the course made me really think about who I really want to be. I cannot wait to see what I CAN MAKE HAPPEN during the next few weeks ☺ Thank you Sue

  78. I am trying to find the 12 Week Challenge Study Group location where I am suppose to add my name on. Would love a link or some additional direction.

  79. I’m having trouble downloading the Goal Setting audio file. When I click the Download button, it opens up in another tab and starts playing. When I right-click and do a Save As, it downloads to my computer, but it’s a m4a.mp3 file and won’t open. Anybody else have this figured out and can tell me what I might be doing wrong? Thanks!

    1. If you click the m4a does it open with an audio program? You may need to install a program that will play mp3 or m4a’s

  80. I am so ready for this and cannot wait for the next 12 weeks … sharing this journey will make it even more special … looking forward to the bumps and highs … thank you Sue and Mentors.

  81. Thank you, Sue, for this heartfelt offering of such a sincere intention to educate and motivate others. I finish this introduction and sit with an overflowing, emotional sensation of love and dedication, from you, toward not only advancing photography skills but helping fellow photographers. I cannot wait to see where this takes us, all of us. With a full heart, eager mind, and an empty camera card, I am ready!

  82. Wow…just WOW! I signed up for Sue Bryce education a couple of months ago with no idea there would be a 12 week course like this. I LOVE the messages Sue and am incredibly grateful for your guidance. Soooo excited for this journey!

  83. What an opening! I’m going to watch the whole thing. Despite having a good foundation, and being a full time working photographer, I am still determined to make my sales averages come way up, and commit fully to the contemporary portrait brand, so I am still going to do the whole thing. I have done a lot of inner work since meeting Sue and I know that 100% of my blocks are money blocks, and FEAR of my own truth and watching this is going to help break my fear mind into a “gold mind”. ANYONE looking to make money with a camera by walking towards contemporary portraiture will benefit from watching. The opening of this alone should be a TED talk. Welcome to your future, new folks.

  84. Thank you, Sue, for providing this comprehensive training and making it so accessible. After 8 years in business, I am looking forward to changing how I do business and how I view success. I appreciate your no-nonsense attitude and your willingness to generously share the opportunity for others to succeed in this business. This new year is going to be the best! ~Monica

  85. So inspiring. Touched on so many truths of how I feel about my own capabilities. Thank you Sue……look forward on embarking on this journey and tackling all my blocks.

  86. Thank you Sue. I’m excited to start this journey (again and with more intent this time around!) I know exactly what my blocks are and ready to tackle them with your help.