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Self Value

If you are struggling with an illness, if you have a job you hate, if you are having a hard time in your relationships, if you are struggling with your weight, struggling with issues from your childhood, struggling to make ends meet financially or having money issues in general, if you are in physical or emotional pain — this talk is for you.

Sue delivers her most powerful talk to date in this series of self-value videos. What she teaches here can absolutely change the way you see yourself and, ultimately, change your life!

Sue explains in depth how the way you value yourself will show up in your body and your illnesses, in your bank account, in your career, and in your relationships. She dives deep into her own personal experiences and illnesses and how it is all a reflection of how she values herself.

Sue talks us through the feelings of self-hate, shame, and anxiety. Our journey with these intense emotions often can rule our lives, but ultimately, can be let go. You can get back to yourself — the self you want to be — on every level.


I Am Important:

* Sue experienced the collapse of one of her organs and she needed to know why. She began exploring how she was causing this to happen and she found her answers. She found that what we are the result of all of our illnesses.

* Sue believes that health, wealth, and love are all intertwined and they all come from a mirror of what you are worth.

* If you are born into poverty, you have the ability to become wealthy. You can achieve what you want to achieve!

* Every human being wants to be seen, heard, and loved.

Choose Your Pain:

* Once you start taking responsibility for what is “happening” to you, you can begin to take control and choose growth and success.

* Sue believes we choose pain, not joy. We gauge our day by how much pain we feel and when we feel that pain, that will measure how much further you are going to go.

* When you decide you want to make a big change, whether it’s moving or divorce or starting a business, there is both joy and pain that comes with it. Change can be terrifying and anxiety provoking and lonely — all part of pain. So, we are choosing our pain when we make these changes.

* What is the result you want? Are you willing to go through the pain to get there? You must be okay with the pain you will endure to get there!

* It’s the pain that stops us from making the big changes to actually get where we want to go because we are afraid of the pain! So you don’t move. You don’t progress. We don’t run from joy, we run from pain, but we must endure the pain to make the changes and have the joy!

* In reality, we project anxiety into our body and into our life by creating a scenario that hasn’t even happened! This puts you at a completely disempowered state. That is not fear — that is pain.


* Any addiction is a distraction.

* Instead of allowing ourselves to feel pain and allowing it to coming into our body, we anesthetize ourselves with food or alcohol or any other substance.

* When an emotion comes into your body, it will stay there for 90 seconds — no longer! * In order to empower it passed the 90 second mark, you have to re-empower it with a story. (Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor)

* If we ask ourselves, “What am I feeling right now?” and allow ourselves to feel whatever that is for 90 seconds, we can deal with it instead of avoiding it, pushing it down, swallowing it with distractions (addictions). We use so many distractions so that we don’t have to feel it.

Supporting Pain:

* The next time the pain comes to you, welcome it in and FEEL it. You can’t get to the next level in your business or relationship or any big change without feeling it and accepting it.

* Choose your pain! Don’t distract yourself from it with eating, drinking, smoking, shopping, etc.

* You get to be in control of your pain so that things no longer “happen” to you, but you get to make things happen!

* Don’t be afraid of the pain. You are going to get it anyway!

* When you are in pain and can’t deal with it any longer, people will start to support you. Once other people are supporting you (emotionally, financially, etc), you have lost all control of your life.


* We are constantly looking for validation from other people and we think that getting that support and validation will help us to achieve our goals.

* The truth is, if you are asking everyone else to give you some form of acknowledgment or validation, it is not going to help you achieve what you want! You are giving them power instead of empowering yourself! You need to be the one supporting yourself!

* When you put your mind to something and decide you are going to do it, you will achieve it. You won’t need anyone else’s validation or permission.

* Are you talking about it and looking for validation or are you actually doing it? The person who is walking their path is DOING IT and the person looking for validation is talking about it.

* Any area you are not empowered, someone or something will overpower you!

Tipping Point:

* You have the power to decide what dream it is you want to “tip”. You have the power to d

* YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DECIDE TO MAKE THE CHANGE! To get out of debt, to leave your partner, to start your business or whatever it is you want to do. You just have to walk that path of pain so that you can grow to get there!

* I don’t believe in myself = I haven’t tried yet

* You will experience the same drama in your life until you don’t need it anymore, until you have no identity in it, until you learn from it.

* When people don’t believe in you, YOU have to believe in you!!

* Prepare yourself that you will have a pain breakthrough when you are making change. Just remember that it will take you to a place that is better than where you were!

Take A Knee:

* When Sue receives criticism from someone, whether it’s trolling online or from a client or from within a personal relationship — basically anytime she feels hurt — she asks herself WHAT IS THIS SHOWING ME?

* Whatever that criticism is, there is something you can learn from it. If someone is disrespecting you, you must be disrespecting yourself. If you’re not feeling love, it’s because you’re not giving love. If your business is suffering, you are clearly not valuing yourself enough.

* Now this can be a hard thing to accept because, again, it goes back to being responsible for everything that happens to us! The hard part is accepting it without judging it.


* Taking a knee is to ground yourself in the present moment. Experience fully what you are feeling.


* Before getting to the point where Sue is at today, she was so deep into her pain and the stories around her pain, that she wasn’t even conscious of what her life pain was.

* If you are at this point, you are likely not living a life that is congruent with your dreams and you are not the person you want to be!

* When you get to the point when you start overcoming your pain, look back at your pain path that you just took! Remind yourself how incredible you are! You took a chance and believed in yourself and you were brave and courage! You knew it would hurt, but you kept going because you wanted the result more than you wanted the pain. And now you’ve got the result! You will no longer feel afraid of what you cannot do.


* The biggest story you will tell will is the story around your childhood. Your ability to achieve what you have started from what your parents have taught you and what you learned from them.

* When we reach a certain age, usually around 30, we start to think about what we missed out on as a child and we might even have some resentment towards our parents.

* There are so many wounds that we carry from childhood and we have a big story around that. But the truth is, this does not need to be your story any longer. YOU CAN BREAK IT TODAY.

* In order to do that, you must rise above your parents and have compassion for them. They were doing the best they could with what they had and knew. And it’s time to release them. Because whatever story you are telling around this is stopping you from having something NOW.

* What you can’t do now, we often blame our parents for what they didn’t do then. So instead of taking responsibility, you blame your parents.

* You must go beyond your perceived childhood dysfunctions. You are an adult now and you need to forgive them, love them for it, and move past it.


What You Are Not Getting:

* There is often a perception that if you had the world’s perfect parents, you would have all of the things you wish you had.

* The reality is that everything you want is available to you NOW if that is what you really want!

* Even if you have the worst possible parents on the planet, you can still have what you want!

Bring It Back To You:

* Sue believes that mirroring is the answer to ALL growth. You might feel like everything is happening to you and it’s not your fault and it’s not fair, but the truth is that YOU are the protagonist in your own story.

* You must keep bringing it back to YOU!

* If everyone at everyone else’s reactions as a reflection of what they are going through and nothing to do with you, it would change the world. Yet, we just can’t seem to do this.

* When you walk into a room, you see how people are seeing you through the filter of your own mind! We create what we THINK people are thinking about us based on what we think about ourselves!

* You can decide right now that you are worth more. More love, more income, more respect, whatever it is that you want. You can decide this RIGHT NOW.

If You Hate It, Look At It:

* When you don’t like someone, the first question you should ask yourself is: What is it about them that I don’t like? Because whatever it is I don’t like, I’m doing it. You can see yourself reflected back in everybody — whether it’s in a good way or a bad way.

* Often, we are confronted by people who upset us. But, they are also messengers. They are telling you where you need to do work.

* So in business, if you client doesn’t buy from you, Sue is going to ask you where did YOU go wrong!

* If you keep attracting the wrong clients or the wrong partners or the wrong friends, at what stage are you going to wake up and realize that YOU aren’t learning the lessons that are being presented to you?!

* You only hate something that you fear and there is a big lesson in it for you and you must confront it.


* If you want the illness out of your body or the pain out of your body, or the person out of your life, you need to walk through it. You need to see yourself in it.

* The wrong question is, “How do I attract the right client”? The right question is, “What am I seeing shown back to me over and over again?” That your work isn’t good enough? That your value is not good enough? That you can’t engage with people? Your clients and the people in your life are showing you over and over again what you should be working on!

* When Sue’s business starts to fall off, she looks at what SHE IS DOING WRONG! You can turn the energy in your business overnight. But, you have to take full responsibility for it!


* When someone hurts you, remember that they are only disempowering you for a moment, but only long enough for you to see what your weakness is. The person did not give you pain, but simply brought back a very familiar pain that sits so close to the surface.

* Something only hurts us when it’s true.

* You must choose to grow through the pain instead of becoming a victim.

* You can learn to elevate yourself without putting someone down.

* The worst bully is the bully that you are to yourself.

Action & Daily Practice:

* Sue is a firm believer in making an action list and walking towards it with daily practice. She calls is The Vision Paradigm.

* We only see so far and yet we are capable of moving mountains! We see the first surrounding energy and we feel trapped here, but it’s our own perception and reality and it can be distorted and so wrong.

* So you get this belief that you are in a bubble and all that you are allowed to achieve is what is inside that bubble and it’s not true!

* Be aware that as you start to move forward, something on your pain path might knock you back. But, you must keep moving forward.

* How you value yourself is a direct reflection of how you are getting paid.

* If you believe that you can’t have a certain future because of your past, YOU NEED TO STOP EMPOWERING THE PAST.

Empowered Emotional State:

* If you are in an empowered emotional state, you have certainty, confidence, conviction and value.

* If you are in a disempowered emotional state, you are overwhelmed with uncertainty and fear and you are lacking self-value.

* You cannot attract work, clients, money, or abundance if you are in a disempowered state.

* If you are working in a disempowered state, you are going to disempower your clients! If you feel this way, you need to acknowledge it before going into your session with your client.

* Take control of the situation. Turn it around to empowerment! Give love and compassion to the person who is about to walk into the room.

* The most empowered state is to give service.

* When you empower others, you will feel an instant shift inside you!

* Remember, feelings stay in our body for 90 seconds unless we continue to tell a story around it. So if someone hurts you, wrongs you, criticizes you, you have 90 seconds to feel it and then you need to manage the state in which you are dwelling.

What Do You Want?:

* When Sue (or anyone) asks you what you want, don’t tell her what you think she wants to hear. And don’t say, “I don’t know”. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!

* If you are someone who declares what you want and goes after it, you are going to be more successful. You must go after what you want! Yes, there will be pain along the way, but there will be even more pain if you spend your whole life yearning for what you could have had.

* We spend more time over nurturing others and not nurturing ourselves.

* Write down your goals. Make them realistic and actionable and walk towards them every day. Read them every single day and empower them with excitement and enthusiasm. Every. Single. Day.

* Don’t get stuck on the “how”!

* If you say you don’t know what you want, you either don’t believe you can have it or you don’t know how to get it.

The Wheel of Misfortune:

* Sue doesn’t believe so much in manifestation, but in fully in taking action — saying you want something and taking action towards it — as the way to get things, to make things happen, to achieve your goals.

* But, you must be careful and clear with what you ask for. Your energy is being infused in everything you say out loud, what you are doing, what you are being. If you are unclear, the Universe or God or whatever you believe in, gets confused about what you REALLY want.

* WHAT YOU HAVE IS WHAT YOU WANT! BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE DOING! You are getting something out of whatever situation you are in that you are saying you don’t want. You just have to pay attention to the lesson!

* The Wheel of Misfortune to teach you how what is happening with you internally is a direct reflection of your money issues!

* The Wheel of Misfortune = Avoidance, Overspending, Overgiving, Guilt & Shame, Resentment, No Boundaries, Not Receiving, Tight Fistedness

* Money will stay with those who value it most. If you avoid it and don’t pay attention to it, it’s gone.

* We avoid facing our money issues because we don’t want the pain of fronting up to what we are doing. But, the truth is, you will get hit with even more pain because you end up overspending, letting someone else manage your money, over giving, not managing it, not saving it, and then you are in debt and the money runs out and you are in a serious amount of pain — much more pain that if you had taken action to face what you were doing in the first place!

* You might be repelling money because of guilt and shame of receiving money.

* You might have so much difficulty receiving money because you don’t believe you deserve it.

* You must figure out your money leak to change your money situation!

No More, No Less:

* The Rule of Cosmic Ordering is: You will receive no more and no less than what you ask for and what you action every day.

* So whatever you are experiencing, you are somehow asking for it. This is the truth!!

* Reset what you think you want because you will get NO MORE AND NO LESS than what you want!

Your Body & Stop Eating Your Pain:

* When Sue was very overweight and her gallbladder had collapsed, she kept repeating to herself over and over “go on a diet, go on a diet, go on a diet”. When, in reality, it had nothing to do with food. It had everything to do with what she was holding onto.

* Your body is a clear representation of what you are holding onto. If you don’t value yourself, it doesn’t matter if you are slimmer or younger or prettier. You will continue to attract what you have now no matter what your body looks like! You must change your own self value and self love to change anything else!

* This goes the same with business and relationships and everything else. Until you change your own self value, nothing else will change!

* Your problem is not what you’re eating, your problem is how you’re feeling and what you’re not dealing with. Your problem is your pain.

* You must separate the calories from your pain.

* You need to go back to the root of the emotion!

Exist in Photographs:

* You know how Sue feels about existing in photographs. She wants to teach the world that you must exist in photographs not hide behind them because you don’t feel good enough to be in them.

* If you die tomorrow, your family are going to look for photographs of you and what are they going to find?

* You need to accept yourself and who you are NOW!

Emotion = Energy in Motion:

* Emotion is Energy in Motion. So when energy becomes trapped, it becomes weight, illness, or pain.

* As soon as you can shift it and not trap it, IT CHANGES EVERYTHING.



  1. I did the intuitive body drawing. My drawing has no hands and no feet. They both hurt all the time, especially my feet. I’m fat, so I drew my body fat and wrote “fat” (and I’m still gaining weight, 198 lbs). I drew rubber bands around my chest because my chest is always tight and hurts. I drew a bungee cord around my right shoulder and neck because they are always so tight. I drew a board nailed between my hips and the board has a crack in the middle. Black x’s on the sides of my knees. Yeah…….so I’m a mess.

  2. I just pressed completed on this video that I have watched maybe 8 times – the lessons were so hard that even after 8 times I still cried – but now, for the first time in my life, I feel healed. And better than that, my life is starting to turn around, in a good way!! Thank you so much Sue <3

  3. The Prayer of Jabez. Read it. Jabez asked for more and he received it. Yes Sue is right. The universe has your desitny. You just have to listen to what it’s telling what to do.

  4. I am sitting here listening to Sue and balling my eyes out. She has hit some many issues that I have been facing my entire life. When you mom says you will never amount to anything…your sister is a beautiful swan and your and ugly duckling. Your not smart enough to do that, Why are you wasting your time. I’m 50 years old and have been caring that for all my life. I have three beautiful successful children and a wonderful husband. I refused to treat my children the way I was treated. I do not value myself do to years of abuse from my childhood. My husband rescued me and always says that I’m a wonderful mom and wife, I’m smart and beautiful but I can’t bring myself to believe him. I am so afraid of rejection that I can’t put myself out there for the fear and another your not worth it… AGAIN… I don’t know what to do…. I hope that Sue will be able help me wit me many blocks.

  5. I just joined a couple of days ago, and I still have my job, and i am listening to Sue while working (I am knitting baby props)
    For so much time, I was just asking myself: “what is blocking me? why no matter how much I earn, I am always dead poor? Why is that that I am not able to provide for me and my kid an abundant life? and I had some really good months in earnings, but just as sure, I was back in the poor state.
    I realized while listening that even I was saying out loud to myself and to the world that I can take care of myself, deep inside I was blaming my ex and my parents for not helping me out and not supporting me. I was waiting to be rescued. I wanted to have someone to take care of me. I gave all my power away.
    Oh, my God, Well, I just wanted to say: “I love you! and Thank you, Sue! You are an amazing woman!

  6. After my first grandchild was born this January and my son’s father resurfaced wanting to be in her life I have found my pain from so many many yrs ago have resurfaced and I have found I have not let go of the pain and suffering he caused me and my son and I haven’t forgiven him. He put us through a 5 yr custody battle after abusing me in the marriage and later on abusing my son..
    Please tell me how to forgive that.. Do I go through the same processs in the video as what we must do to forgive our parents?
    My ex husband emotionally abused me and told me I was not worthy of love or affection and deep inside I have had that on the hard drive all these years. I do have a hard time accepting affection from my children and this video and talk makes me think perhaps this is one of the reasons why,, I stiffen when anyone tries to hug me including my kids.. I need to move past this!!
    Thank you for this talk. This part about self value is totally what I need.

  7. This talk is everything! You’ve opened my eyes to so much, and probably gave me more realizations than a therapist ever would… lol You helped me realize that there are so many emotions and thoughts I’ve pushed away, and life I’ve avoided… As of today, working on self-esteem, value, and confidence!

  8. Wow, thank you! Thank you for opening up and showing us your life journey and sharing with us all that you’ve learnt on the way. We all have different journeys but the basics are the same. Face your pain and learn to accept and love yourself. I admire you, your perseverance, your courage and your WANT. Thank you for inspiring me to take my life into my hands and to quit avoiding my pain, my fear and my responsibilities. THANK YOU!!! You are one heck of a strong woman ❤️.

  9. This was like a kick in the guts for me! I have seen much more clearly what is stopping me from moving forward, but I am having trouble owning it and breaking through.

  10. Wow Sue you have no idea how much I needed to hear this. I have so much to overcome and a lot of roadblocks to get over. I was diagnosed with a extremely rare disease this last year and was told that there is no cure and that I would live a life of pain, surgeries and it would be a progressive disease. I mainly took your course because I was no longer able to get outside as much as I did before and photograph. I became extremely depressed and unhappy. Photography has always been my happy place. I had days I was unable to even lift my Camera or my arms. I decided that I could just use my camera and take pictures indoors and not have to leave my house. Hearing you talk about overcoming our fears is really what I needed to hear thank you so much for that. I have so many fears to overcome. I also felt that my medical bills would keep me from affording the things I needed and you showed me I can start with so little. Thank You!

  11. I love you Sue Bryce. I birthed 3 children at home, no medication or intervention, and each time there was this unbearable PAIN, but each of my children were so very much wanted. I went through the pain – lord knows how – and made it, evolved, grew, become stronger, better, loving. Why do we women always forget what we are actually capable of?! My tears hurt my throat right now, and all I feel is gratitude for this pain…pain of childbirth, life and building a business. Thank you

  12. Good Lord, Sue. I have so much love for you. Seriously, genuine love. You are such a special person and I’m incredibly thankful to have been drawn to you in this life. You have done so much for so many, myself included, and I want to express my gratitude to you for that– The most sincere gratitude that I hope you can feel bursting through your screen when you read this. I want to sit down over like 12 cups of coffee and have conversations about these things with you! This has been my favorite Self Value video I’ve watched thus far. I’m over here like “Yes!! YES! Girl, you GET IT. Why aren’t we friends?!” These are concepts I have also learned through personal development books, lectures, and experiential transformational courses over the years, and I didn’t know how badly I needed it or how good it would feel to be given this reminder. Your passion overflows outside of you. Thank you. <3

    1. Lyndsay, yes!!!! I felt the same way. I could talk about this over coffee and analyzing for hours! ;). If you ever watch to chat, message me. My FB account is under Kristina Parnell-Kerr 😉

  13. Wow, I had a scheduling conflict when you originally had this live class, and had so wanted to go, so I was thrilled to see this! I stayed up late last night watching as much of this that I could until I couldn’t keep my eyes open! Sue you are such a gift to me, your insights and learning have been so instrumental in my life; it seems you parallel the things that I’ve with gone through or am going through along with those things I’ve been reading and meditating/reflecting on or just considering. I am so thankful for you and how you have shared yourself in various classes and through the years and now SBE. I value all that you are positing here and love, love, love your heart! THANK YOU!

  14. Wow Sue you remind me of everything I have read over the years, some applied long ago and some of those dreams I conquered just like you say it all in this self value talk. And then I see when I have given up so easily, sat back allowed others to take my power. Not anymore. I want it all Sue. Everything. I remember saying years ago you can have it all but not all at once. Let’s give it a big shot. I am 56 years old. Figure I have 25 fabulous years left in my life. Time to get started don’t you think? My life is about to change. Hold tight it is going to be the ride of my life!

  15. Wow, best talk about transformation.So many things you said I have been dealing with all my life the good and bad, esp my self image.I feel bad about me today at 237 lbs and I felt bad at 115 lbs. i just have never heard anyone in my life talk about the way Sue has. I am going to step in front of that camera regardless what I weigh. Blessings

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  17. I joined SBE to become a better photographer, but what I’m getting is so much better. My photography gets better the more I do it. SBE is giving me the tools to be the Best Version of Myself so that I can Give the Best Service to Others. Worth? Priceless! Thank You Sue Bryce for Sharing more than how to set my camera settings. Finally, I Know What I Want and I can tell You!

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    1. The first time I watched it yes. Even the second time a year later has some whaaaaaa? I SOO do that moments! Well that settles it, I’m watching this once a year lol!

    1. One of the books she references is You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. I started reading it this week and it’s fantastic.

    1. 🙂 It was great to listen! Thank you.
      Sue , you are an interesting, brave, and lovely human.
      All the best, keep on going!