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Sales & Selling (WPPI Keynote)


  1. I am that person who always push my close people. But when i feel weak and do not believe in myself nobody can push me. And thanks god i found you Sue! You are an amazing person who talk all the truth to us! Love people like you! Thank you, Sue!

  2. OMG Wedding v portrait is so me, i wanted portrait but the instant wedding paid the bills, 8 years later over 100 weddings later, i asked myself why wasn’t i doing the thing i wanted most. PORTRAITS,?

  3. This was absolutely incredible! Talk about a newbie?!? I just applied for my EIN today. Applying for my LLC tomorrow. Paying my dues doing my freebie stuff for family and friends, working on my website now, and plan on opening my doors as a photographer on January 1, 2017! This was so timely and such wonderful advice, I cannot even begin to tell you. Practice and super REAL! Investing in your education program may have been the single BEST investment I’ve made. I am changing my career at 51 years old, and you are giving me the rock-solid education I need to succeed. THANK YOU!!!

  4. Katarzyna, I use my iPad as a “Photobooth” and we create a fun series of quick photos with it. I then use those photos as part of my Animoto video or sometimes I email it to the client that day as a fun remembrance of the day.

  5. Hi, I wonder if you could answer my question. At 04:10 min of tutorial (Kitti’s Story) I’ve noticed that there is a tablet attached to a tripod . What’s the point of it ?

    1. Katarzyna, I use my iPad as a “Photobooth” and we create a fun series of quick photos with it. I then use those photos as part of my Animoto video or sometimes I email it to the client that day as a fun remembrance of the day.

  6. Oh my heart. I’m glad I could still listen through my tears, because I spent much of the presentation crying. This touches me so deeply, I can’t even describe what it feels like. Thank you Sue, you have given me the gift of being able to start believing in myself, and valuing what I do.

  7. sorry my computer had a hiccup and finished my last comment. What I was saying I love the ancestry wall you described, as that is part of my business motto. Both of my parents are gone along with my younger brother. There are no family photos with all of us. I still have a sister and this past weekend when I saw her I made sure we had a photo taken along with my fathers remaining aunt. It is very important to have those photos, it brings tears to my eyes overtime I talk about this. I have now make sure that with every session I book, if there are parents there we take a group photo. No matter what mom and dad look like, then I have a 4 x 6 printed and give it to them when they pick up there photos. Thank You again.

  8. ‘how many times can you get kicked in the face before you become gun-shy”? (or something close to that) Thank you for exposing hidden truths, even if only hidden to myself.

  9. Thank you Sue, you have ignited a fire in my spirit, to be a master creator, image maker.
    I love the way you have given us the business plan to follow. I would love to meet you one day, maybe when you are home in NZL.

  10. This video makes my heart race. I’m listening while at work (my miserable day job) and I plan on dissecting this tonight and breaking it down into notes. I feel like there’s a plan on action in here!!

  11. Hello Sue
    I have never been a person who liked listening or even cared a lot about speakers of any kind, even if it was something I was interested in. When I first found you I was amazed at how you mesmerized me with your work and teaching. I have been interested in photography ever since I was a boy, a long time ago. Our dad taught me how to develop B&W of swimsuit models at a Park and Rec photo club in San Francisco. I will Succeed in this venture, I know it in my heart. I
    absolutely adore you. OK I rambled enough. You are amazing.


  12. I changed my focus on listening when she said these words… What is your child’s life worth? Time away from Bryan to edit, capture, schedule, and market. He told me yesterday that he loves the pictures I take of him at 4 years old. He values my work more than I do. I will change because I don’t want him to drown in debt as I struggle financially. I will own my lack of education on finance and I will learn more to earn more for him. You got me Sue!!!

  13. This is amazing, Sue! Thank you for making this something we can listen to again and again! What is the beautiful song that plays during Kitty’s video?

  14. Oh Sue. I have listened to you a thousand times and have always been inspired and not once have I ever cried. Today, in your “Talking Money with Clients” video, you asked me what my children’s lives are worth and I find myself in tears. How did I never think about it in terms of what my children’s lives are worth? My husband and I are making the decision whether or not to build a house that we plan to live in for the long term and it all seems so much more clear. I deserve to give my children a childhood home. I deserve to buy a car without financing (my cars are paid for now but that won’t always be the case unless I make the decision to save for it) and it is my God given right to teach my children in so many ways, including how to work to earn money AND run a business. Thank you for this. What a gift, Sue Bryce. What a gift. <3

  15. So I clicked on the LINK from FB, on my cell phone. I don’t see a download button, do I need to do this from my Desktop? I want to listen to this while I’m driving instead of thr radio. Lol

  16. Ahhhhhh! I so needed to hear this tonight! You always model for me the most elegant way to say things, i.e.: your pitch. So beautiful.

    I’m not earning consistently, so yes it’s obvious that I struggle with valuing myself.
    Pertaining to shoots for friends…
    I’m heading into a consult call tomorrow with a new friend who I know is strapped financially, and I’ve been anxiously thinking of ways to make a shoot affordable for her. But, I learned yet again after watching this that I cannot presume to know anything about her situation or how she will value my service. My job is to value my service. The rest is simply not any of my business.

    I’m so grateful for your passion and that you continue to give and teach and give some more, because I need to hear it over and over again. XOXO

  17. This is the first time I’ve seen Kitti’s video. I had tears in my eyes because I felt drawn toward Sue and this amazing career the same way Kitti was. I too “stumbled” upon this amazing journey too, and I’ve never once looked back. At 52, I’m finally following my passion and doing the only thing I ever want to do–create gorgeous portraits for women.

  18. You NEVER cease to AMAZE and inspire me! I am eternally grateful for the change you’ve sparked in me….as a person, and as a photographer! You have touched my life in a most profound and amazing way! Onward and upward!!! 🙂 Thank you Sue Bryce!

  19. I can tell that this download can be listened to on iPhones (it’s an m4a) but I have an Android. Is anyone else who has an Android having trouble accessing the audio file?

  20. This was wonderful Sue… Thank you so much. I cannot seam to download the audio. it just opens another page in browser. I’d like to put it on my phone and listen to it as I drive too without eating away at my data plan. Is this possible. Thanks xo

    1. Eva, try right-clicking on the download link (or option-clicking on a Mac). Are you able to choose “download” from a pop-up menu?

    2. Eva, I just held two fingers down on the download botton & then a box pops up. I then clicked on ‘download the linked file’ – I’m on a Macbook Pro, hope this helps 🙂

    3. Craig, I am having the same problem. I want to put it onto my IPOD for the gym. (on a MAC desktop) 🙂

    4. Eva,

      I finally got it to work. I am working from a MAC too. I pressed the control key and the right mouse button and then I put it onto my IPOD. Hope that helps! 🙂

    1. I know I’m not Sue, but if I don’t charge a session fee (ie. Vouchers, etc.), I require a credit card number to book the session. Nothing is charged unless there’s a cancellation. I let my sales cover the cost of the hmua. Hope it helps some 🙂