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Sales Intensive


  1. Hi Sue, this has been so helpful, and also a lot of fun, thank you for your generosity! My questions are about the add-on 16×20 to your largest Folio Box Package. Do you STILL offer this, or did you realize it squashed your upsell….I’m a little confused. Also, if you do still offer it, does it come framed? Last, if you do still offer it, do you upwell ON TOP OF that?? Hoping for a response, thanks so much, Wendy Davis 🙂

  2. This has just changed the way I see myself and forced me to identify my introverted nature and recapture my passion for why I love the art of photography. Thank you.

  3. Sue-does your session fee ever change from your two people for 190 if say it’s a group of 5 sisters? (Just thinking about the additional cost/time for makeup person?)

    1. Yes, you can adjust your setting fee as much as you like but don’t change your portrait prices. So negotiate with your hair and makeup artist and set the fees accordantly.

  4. Thank you so much for this course it is wonderful.
    Please can someone refresh me the emotions that sit behind the blocks that I have.
    1. lack of clients
    2. no referrals
    Are the only emotions Guilt and shame?
    Where in the course do I find this info?

    Thanks heaps Ellenor

  5. I am completely blown away by this Intensive! Sue, you are worth double your weight in gold. I feel a personal transformation and I’m just at Script 2! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  6. You are totally kicking my mind Sue! I am so thankful for all that you share! It speaks to me so truly and I am really shifting my core values and mind sets towards feeling more empowered and free than ever before!

  7. 50:40 ok, one more…I love that you stated “if your husband or partner does NOT support your business and success DON’T talk to them about it “get a Mentor” is SOSOSOOO absolutely true. I was in the pipeline for a Mentor and Coach and she wanted my husband present on our call and KILLED her sale with me, because he was “like” F*#< that!!! I am NOT spending $$$ for you to do what you are already capable of. Honestly, my husband has so much faith in me, but really doesn't understand what it is I am trying to achieve. So I don't talk to him about it anymore.

  8. At 46:30 in Presenting Yourself I definitely believe “people want to feel…BOLD.” I do!! To feel strong and beautiful and perfect and fabulous and to be pampered. Now how do I present that to my potential clients? Right! I’ve had 2 inquiries in the past two weeks and they did not book. So…I need more leads!!! I LOVE you Sue Bryce.

  9. Is Sue Bryce Worth $35-? I have never, NEVER, been given more value for my dollar. Enrolling in your 12 week Start Up is the best decision I’ve made for my photography business. Thank you!

  10. Wow! Sales Intensive…. EPIC!
    Running behind on 12Weeks, Only because I want to watch and rewatch everything 10 times! Looking forward to next round!
    Thank you Sue…. So pumped!

  11. I am going back to Vouchers. Does anyone know where the voucher presentation box came from, opened up like a folio box, with ribbon? Saw it very briefly and now can’t find the video where it was shown.

    1. There is a post on the blog where Shauna talks about gift voucher boxes. Hope that helps!

  12. The database issue – You really couldn’t just “receive” someone’s database anyway, because of privacy laws (at least in Canada) . You know how there are those “we will never sell your information to anyone, it’s safe with us…” – you can’t ask a company to go against that!

  13. I would love to be able to have the audio file for Video 11. I listen to the sales scripts on my phone the days before leading up to a sale and it has helped immensely!

  14. If you include digitals, are they full rez for printing? If so…I understand needing to educate clients about pro printing vs consumer printing (cringe) – I have seen my images printed at Costco or Walmart and ICk….I can’t handle having my name on a print like that, because it’s not “my product”. Do I have to just get over that??? Or what do you do about that?

  15. Wow. I am really loving this business guidance but I have to say, as a boudoir photographer I was stopped cold by the reaction to the word “boudoir” and I’m guessing the extended implication to the niche. Saddens me. Many of us fiercely empower women and help them overcome hatred of their bodies. Done right, it’s such a powerful, empowering thing. And yet, it’s so misunderstood. I’m hoping that I misunderstood the intent.

  16. Sue said that the turnaround time from viewing to delivery is no more than 2 weeks which is confusing since I thought that everything is ready to take home at the viewing. If that’s not the case then what exactly is the viewing a viewing of?

    1. Alexander – Sue prints all of her images and then presents them at the Reveal. Before she could afford to do that, she used video to show and sell the images at the reveal to the client. So if you can’t afford to print everything out prior to the reveal, you can sell and then order the client’s products after the first payment. But to provide good service, you should make every effort to deliver those products within 2 weeks.

  17. What do you do when someone sends you an email? People seem to be afraid to pick up the phone for some reason, how do you make that same connection via email or make them want to pick up the phone and call? Also, if you specialize in child portraits how do you approach people without coming across super creepy lol

    1. To address the child portraits, what I have been doing is volunteering my time at my daughter’s school. She goes to a catholic school and every year they have a fundraiser by way of Auction. For the 3rd Grade Class, I have been doing portraits of the kids and parents can buy each portrait at a fix priced to raise money for the school. This is an insta-way to get your name and market yourself to families with children. You’ll find that parents are going to want to “complete” the portrait collection and contact you.

  18. Sue, you are my mind-crush, I seriously love you. I am just watching the beginning of products and packages and my mind is so blown, you make sense, you are funny and grow me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  19. Sue, I love you so much. It is impossible to say how much I have learned from you. I am older than you and I love learning from my youth. It is brilliant. The courage I acquire from you is something I have been looking for for a long time. Thank you.

  20. these tutorials are changing my life, my business and my EXCITEMENT levels as you answer every question i have and questions i didnt even yet know about! i am lapping up each one and changing my business and mindset one tutorial at a time.
    i do have one question though: i LOVE the frame gallery, am i right in thinking these don’t come with the glass? am i just not seeing it? the frames that are from etsy etc, if they dont come with the glass, where do i get that?

  21. I am Canadian and the dollar is about the same as Australian. I am paying almost 30 percent more for everything so I RAISED my prices 30 percent to cover that.

  22. Do you give away a voucher to a silent auction with complementary shoot with only $100 towards purchase? I feel that they are spending money to win the auction, they should at least get a print. I would put a dollar value on that

  23. So glad I’m finally finding time to watch this, it’s exactly what I need right now.

    A question on packages vs a la carte. Sue, you say you went from a la carte to packages and instantly started selling more. I just decided to switch from packages to a la carte because when I looked back on my last year, not ONE of my clients purchased a package as I had written it, even the ones whose sale exceeded the $$ value of my top package. I found that while they were prepared to spend the money it would take to buy my middle or top package, they didn’t want a folio box of 20 matted prints – instead, they wanted a 9-up plus all the digitals (I sell the digitals individually but not cheaply – it cost them about 2500 just for the USB with the digitals, and the prints they bought came on top of that) or a larger framed print plus a small number of the 6″x9″ matted ones. Not a one bought an existing package.
    My question is – do you think I am shooting myself in the foot by going to a la carte rather than packages, even if every client I had last year ended up buying a la carte rather than packages last year, despite packages being what I showed them first and foremost?

    1. I should add that I still have the portfolio boxes on my a la carte list, at the same price ($1450 for 10, compared to $195 each for individual ones) as the packages were last year. Now it’s just one of the products I offer.

  24. First, this was an eye opening class. Thank you so much for putting it on! I seem to not be able to find the video that references a rewards/referral program. It’s mentioned at the beginning of Day 3 that we’ll discuss a rewards/referral program, but I don’t recall seeing it.

  25. Is the Sitting Fee and Portrait Price the same thing? IE, one sitting portrait price for any type of portrait, ie baby, personal branding, business portrait, beauty portrait is one sitting fee?
    Then you add Product(s) to that depending on what the client wants

    1. I should say, the first video cuts off at 1:10:21. I’m hoping the rest of the talk is included in the transcripts.

  26. I am just now getting to listen to this amazing sales program:) Sue mentioned a few times she was going to talk about how to keep your database active but she never really got into ideas or details that I heard. Did I miss it??

  27. I am stupid. Do the math. 6 images at $125.00 each is $750.00 add the cost of $150.00 to the $750 and that is $900. 6 images divided by $900 is $150.00 each. Where did you come up with the $125.00

    1. $150 is session fee and only session fee. $125 is for each printed images. $900 is six printed images plus the session fee. Session fee is only photographer’s time, hair and make up and reveal session.

    2. Oh my goodness I am glad you asked this. I was struggling with it as well. I see now you have to add session fee back in to the total of each I guess. I have to go look at this again now or watch again.

    3. If you watch the sales incentive Price to Sell the Folio Box cost is 150 which brings the individual print price to 125. 750 for prints + box = 900

  28. Sue mentioned the MP3 records (I have the 3 script recordings downloaded – thanks!) but also mentioned working on transcribing them. Did I miss understand or will some or all of this content be available in a written form?
    I have a learning disability and it is insanely helpful to have repetition and to access information in different forms but can’t write out the info myself (ok I can but it would take me about 8 hours to transcribe per 30 mins of video) so I would LOVE access to this if possible.
    Thanks for all you guys are doing. This site and all the materials are absolutely AMAZING!

  29. One thing I’m struggling with is how to explain the difference between a wedding and portrait pricing? As I know someone will ask me one day. For instance 4hr wedding collection is 1650 but a portrait session buying 25 images would be over $2000? Wedding prices should go up??

    1. It’s not too far off actually; you just need to change your mindset around it. You put about the same amount of time into a session as a 4hr wedding. (a professional color balance person should take about 2hrs for a 4hr wedding using lightroom) A wedding is an event where you pay to receive proof-quality images. We don’t want to hold your memories hostage and that’s what you’re getting with your wedding set- memories. In a portrait session several hours are spent to get 30 images all of which are retouched and perfected before you’ve even seen them- and you get prints. (prints are usually extra for the wedding with most photographers) If you still can’t get your energy set around it start charging $80/image to retouch wedding images. Then it really is the same. It’s not about the number of images- the cost is in your time and artistry to create what you do.

  30. Sue, where do you get your gorgeous frames that are hanging on the wall? I have one that I got out of my grandma’s house, but I haven’t seen them in a store. I also haven’t looked around a lot because I haven’t offered framing yet, but those I love!

    1. The sales day pdf is now available to download. In it, Sue discusses folio boxes mostly in terms of pricing. If you are looking for info on where she buys them and the mat boards, they are both from Finao. Does that answer your question?

    2. Carol, she also references a pdf with vendors that she recommends. Do you know where we find that?

  31. Oh my goodness, I have been saying how busy I am, not coping,… basically complaining… and for the first time ever a quite month lays ahead, i thought it may be because i swished to IPS. thanks Sue! another butt kick. I will be grateful and watch my tongue.

  32. Sue, I just finished listening to part 3 “The Psychology of Sales”, and I have the biggest feeling of gratitude to you. I thought the first 2 parts were amazing and I’ve been exercising to the mp3’s and learning a ton. But this part 3 blew my mind and you touched me on so many levels. Thank you for being so real and honest. You’re the best <3

  33. The bible says in Ecclesiastes 10:18 Money is the answer to all things! We only think of it is as the root of all evil. We must be good stewards. I will now make a visual in my home with this scripture to see it everyday. Thank you Sue your words made me go back to that scripture.

  34. I really enjoyed listening and watching the videos… and want to increase my pricing… and yes, I def suffer from money issues and value issues… working through all of that … but … that being said, with regards to the pricing that you’ve created, would the pricing structure work for an on-location photographer as opposed to a studio photographer. I do not own a studio, (although I do create what I call my pseudo studio in my kitchen, I pull out the table and set up lights and a back drop) 90% of my work is done outside with either seniors or families. And the other question I have is with regards to the frame galleries … when creating packages do you recommend only focusing on one-size or creating a gallery with “x” number of prints in a variety of sizes?

  35. Hi! At around 1 hour, Sue says she gives the digital images on USB with every box of prints? Are these digital images able to be printed? or only high enough resolution for screens / social media / phones? are they watermarked? I so need to understand, please! I feel underwater when people way they give digital images with prints because that could mean a social media version or it could mean the full resolution version (?)

    1. With Every print that Sue sells she gives the matching digital, printable up to the side they bought.
      7×10 gets a 7×10 @300DPI digital, 16×20 gets a 16×20 digital, and so on. The boxes include matching full res digitals to print.

  36. Regarding the prints left on the wall: You offer them to come back later to purchase any they’ve left behind. How do you price those? Do you price them at an individual price per print? Or at a folio box price for 5 or 10 even though they already bought a box?

  37. I fear prints. Still working on building my portfolio so not there yet, but I am afraid that selling prints and including digital files means they’ll buy the lowest priced prints so that they can have the digital, then use that to print larger sizes at some crappy kiosk.

  38. Can anyone explain what Sue means when she talks about being a Boutique Photography Studio. I know what boutique is but what does she mean with the portrait business. Thanks

  39. You are really touching my soul in this class! I’m 51 and just started taking my business seriously last year, and I’m struggling horribly with self esteem and self worth. Starting over again at my age TERRIFIES me! Thank you for the pep talk and encouragement! <3

  40. Sue mentioned many times that there would be a pdf posted with a vendor list for various products. I was wondering when we can expect to see that?

  41. Sue, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! The 3 day class like all of your classes are incredible.Thank you for all of your hard work, and giving so freely all the resources.

  42. My only concern is that she does not speak about market pricing. I am preparing to do a market research for my area. I know there are people who can afford the high range, however, I don’ want to price myself out of my market. Too low and I won’t make a profit too high and I may not make a profit there either.

    1. This is the one question I would love Sue to respond to. As much as I would love to price my lowest package at $900, no matter what I may feel I’m worth, it is way out of my market. I guess we have to find our middle ground.

    2. I feel like I address it over and over and over again when I say it is not your market and we are setting the market price

    3. Regina — I rarely comment in the site, and my background is outside of photography. But I have a philosophy about “market pricing” from my years of selling service goods. Market pricing matters when your audience has, and is very aware of, a wide range of options they see as similar or equal to you. Two thoughts on that:

      1. Consumers don’t know the market as well as you. You may be the only photographer they know of. Don’t assume they know what other photographers charge.

      2. My goal in business was always to create a monopoly on the unique service I provided. Once someone was excited and committed to working with ME, and wanted what they uniquely respond to in ME, then I have a monopoly on their choices in working with me. And market pricing is no longer the issue unless I allow it to be.

      Take Sue Bryce for example. Sue Bryce has the worldwide monopoly on providing a “Sue Bryce Portrait Experience” — there are zero other market options for someone who wants only a “Sue Bryce Experience.” Sue is the only person that can set the price for that experience.

      I know she’s a unique case. And she can command more than most. But each of us are a unique case and have a monopoly on what we uniquely provide if we own it, and understand how to leverage that with clients.

    4. Actually I’m going to add one more element on top of that last soapbox delivery. I focused several times on having a “Monopoly on Me” — but thinking about myself as a consumer and customer of photography, there is a far greater monopoly in place for some relationships:

      Rather than capitalizing “me” I should have capitalized “THEM” — when I was the client hiring a photographer, my concern was not market pricing. My concern was the list of people I — I personally — would feel comfortable being open and vulnerable in front of. Because I don’t like being photographed. And that list was fairly short. That short list of photographers I knew, and trusted, and would be willing to be open and exposed in front of — that’s the list that set MY market rate. Would I have been willing to expose myself to someone I didn’t trust deeply to save 75% on the fees? Hell no.

      Sometimes, even if you don’t have a monopoly on a particular style, brand, or skills, you may — simply by the relationship you have with one single person — have a monopoly on who THEY are willing to work with. That that’s all you need. You don’t need a market-wide monopoly, you only need to be the single choice available for one person at a time.

  43. OMG Sue !!! I just cried at 1:08:12 …. it’s about “all the things you can do for your community, your children, your health if you are profitable” . So so right. So so thank you !!!

    1. Ellen, this happened to me few times too. I’m wondering what your response to them was. Maybe I missed Sue response to this in a video, is there any way we still can win these clients or that’s it? Thank you!

  44. Thank you Sooooooo much Sue! Best education for any business, and life! Cannot wait to see what you have in store for us today. Perfect timing! Thank you to the “boys” and “girls” for all the hard work, in bringing such great education. Only thing that would have made it better is being in the audience! #sellwithsue .

    1. Seldex Finao produces the Folio boxes, Tracy. They have different cover options for you to choose from. I would put the link, but I’m not sure if I’m supposed to. 🙂

  45. Will there be PDFs of the packages/formulas, resources, and also slide images she showed on screen? No sure where to find those for the 8/23/16 day. Thanks!

    1. Looks like the slideshow pdf is here now (look to the right just below the video). I’m hoping the folio box vendor list will go up soon so I can start working through my cost of goods 🙂

  46. Sue, I’m watching this late so missed the questions in the chat… you’re talking about pricing up folio box packages… when you talk about those costs in $USD… if I was doing this in ££ in the UK, would you recommend just keep the prices the same, e.g. $900 = £900 / $1200 = £1200? or should I be converting that to the UK equivalent value… e.g… $900 = £680 (approx), $1200 = £900 (approx).
    Because if you’re saying that on average the production of a folio box is $150. I calculated the minimum it will cost me for a folio box is about £150 (and thats not yet including the prints..thats the box and mats alone). so that makes me think, I should be just putting a pound sign in front of the same numbers instead of a dollar sign. (did I just answer my own question??! HAHA)

    1. Katy, Sue addressed the international part of pricing in her first or second talk of Day 1, so it’s worth going back and watching it if you haven’t already… she said that you can basically keep the numbers the same and put them in your own currency, and move within her suggested ranges if you have to (for example if the average wage in your country is lower than the US).

  47. I have been in Business since the late 80’s….FULL time since 2002! I have been blessed to have a successful business and love all your passion Sue! I want to be a LUXURY STUDIO catering only to women now and Ive been moving in that direction since finding your awesome education. My struggle is getting the number of sessions I want. I only want to shoot 2 sessions per week with a $2000 average! MARKETING is my weakness…..but Im out there trying to make the right connections!