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Rooftop Shoot — Folio Building

I am getting so many requests for outdoor shoots.

I have been all around LA for outdoor sessions. So today, we are going up in LA, to a small rooftop deck.

Join me today for a senior session with the amazing Sophie. I will show you how I pull off several dynamic looks in the confines of a small rooftop studio space under the direct LA sun.

No reflector. Just an affordable backdrop, a chair off the side of the road, and a dark doorway.

You can build that folio without a studio.

Click here to view the white 10×20 Canopy used for Sophie’s rooftop shoot.


  1. totally enjoyed this class! I recently bought a 10×10 white canopy and loved using it! It was also about $100.00. Its the end of summer and these items will be going on clearance at stores.

  2. Sue every time I see you shoot I learn something – it’s so helpful. and I’m glad I’m not the only one who yells, haha! What a beautiful shoot, I’m inspired once again :))

  3. I shoot with it for 3 years now. I call it my pop up studio. I love to use it! The light is so beautiful and if the wind is blowing your backdrop will always be different because the wind will blow through the leaves.

    1. Thanks Tina and Mike! Fixed the link in the post as well and it should be working now.