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22:39 Duration

Reveal Wall

Sue goes into depth to the mentors about what the Reveal Wall is, how it works, and why it’s revolutionary in selling modern portraiture.


    1. Mariela she speaks about that at 8:00 minutes in. She didn’t say do a video reveal of your wall she said to Skype the reveal, clicking through the images in your computer…doing a screen share. You’d need Skype Pro to share your screen.

  1. Has anyone used a reveal wall for high school senior portraits. I do 80 percent seniors and was wondering if anyone has had tweaks to the wall for that age or if it was the same.

  2. Sharing the images during an online call — Sue suggested Skype Professional for this.
    However, Skype is quite unreliable. I’ve experienced is better, and more reliable. The basic version is free, and screensharing is included in this free version.

  3. I’m looking for info on the mats used on the reveal wall. Are they 5×7 prints inside an 8×10 mat? Assuming they are backed… Are they beveled mats? Thanks.