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1:19:01 Duration

Retouching Skin


  1. I am officially grateful for this. I always wanted to “love” photoshop, but couldn’t. This is seriously life changer.
    Sue and Jason thank you for this!

  2. awe! What a great idea to invite “specialists” to further the quality of our education, thank you!
    I have a question about how Jason used his clone tool at around 24 min in the retouching video.
    How does he manage to source his clone from the background layer, while working on a top, empty layer? I’ve replayed the video, but I still don’t get it. is it because of the clone source option?
    I’ll play around with it in PS to start experimenting with this function I was not aware of (overlay and clone source)

  3. Just getting the chance to watch this now…love it! Thank you Sue, you’re adorable and I love that you’re learning a little thing here and there with us. As always – wishing I was sitting there next to y’all enjoying it camaraderie in person…but this is certainly the next best thing!

  4. Sue and Jason
    this was fabulous! cant wait for more to come on editing! and now I am going to play with my actions know I have the lovely colored buttons!!!! 😉