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Real Glamour Shoot

Today is a special fly-on-the-wall look at one of my real glamour shoots. I’ve wanted to do something like this for year. This is what I’ve built my business doing for over 27 years. I’d love you to join me today.

Five years ago she was “A little girl with great big plans.” Go back and watch the amazing video.

Well that 16 year old is now in the U.S at Stanford running track and being awesome. It’s taken one year for us to align schedules, but today I am shooting this now 21 year old woman.


  1. I love how raw this shoot is…it reassures me that no matter how successful or just starting out you are…you run into the same technical and styling dilemmas…and guess what…it’s ok.

  2. Hi Sue. I have watched all these videos. Thank you so much! I wasn’t able to watch LIVE, so I wasn’t able to ask a question. I would like to ask one now if I may. I like how you edit the skin, but is there a reason you do not do frequency separation? I know your cloning is your preference, but is there something about FS that you do not like?

  3. Hello everyone. I missed the live shoot, but the Culling and Editing video is in very low res. Is that going to get better. It usually doe’s. All work work and teaching is awesome. Thank You

  4. I know that must have been stressful when the wifi wasn’t picking up, but it was helpful to see how you dealt with it! I have had a number of times when I was sweating bullets because my lights wouldn’t fire. You really deal with it with a calm, matter of fact demeanor! Good to know that sometimes those things just happen!

  5. Sue, can you explain more by what you mean that you can’t shoot wide open on the Mark IV because it captures too much information? I shoot with the Mark III and am moving to the IV, but now I am confused by what you mean? Are you referring to the light sensitivity, like the sensor is too sensitive to light so if you open up greater than f5.6 you are over exposing? I am just looking for more clarification. Thanks