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  1. So much information.
    Just laughted at myself, when Sue talked about checking spelling, as I noticed yesterday, that on my Fb page it said – photograper, wihtout “h” in the ent. And it has been like this since summer. I look in my page every day and never noticed it 🙂

  2. In one of the videos there is mention of a template into which we just insert our favourite font and customise the wording. Would you mind sharing with me where I can find that template?

  3. Hi Sue, I am the owner of a well established plastering business in Perth WA. I am about to stop plastering, I am doing my last job, plastering the old Graylands mental asylum, as I speak. I am going to open a little two room studio in Midland, above a hair and makeup shop, and I am entirely using your business model. I am confident it will work and have bought and learned a lot from Ur 28 days course. Thank you and good luck to me?. Mike Beltrametti

  4. I get in my own way all the time..but it is so hard to correct that but thank you for drilling it in our heads..once i get into that place to sell again, I am sure I will remember your voice.

  5. As a designer I don’t agree that you Sue are not good designer. I think you have a great eye for design. It really doesn’t matter how you get there and how you process is, as we all are different. What matters is the final result and this is great.

  6. Thank you Sue for all that you do. Great videos. Question,…. I’ve done up a magazine pdf to send to potential clients which includes my full pricelist (very simple – initial price for hair/makeup, 3 packages & individual print price), it also contains what happens on day of shoot, what to bring with you etc. Should I a) send this to the client on initial contact or b) wait and send this to client after I’ve spoken to them via telephone/face to face? If b) should l just send them a visual storyboard with “prices start at………”, “call me for a consultation”, “for further details contact me at ………”?

  7. OMG the Vouchers video is making me misty right now. My last client requested a LOT of prints at funky sizes (for frames she already had) and I gave her the total by email and asked how she’d like to pay with all the conviction I could muster, but secretly thinking I’d be rejected or even laughed at (it’s happened before) because I know my client isn’t wealthy… but she replied happily and asked if I wanted her to come to ME to drop off the check! AHHH! She raised my average sale that day. Thank you, Sue! I may not be doing a LOT of business, but when I do, the business is GOOD now, thanks to your mentoring.

    Also, thank you for that bit of email scripting. It is helpful to hear how others talk about this part of the client contact to close up the loops and get that booking.

    I’m really excited to get my printables together. I created a magazine mock-up a while back but never used it because I wasn’t sure of my products at the time and now that I know what I want to offer I am excited to revamp the whole thing and finally create something beautiful that I can send or hand out. THANK YOU for the head-butts and the empowerment 🙂

  8. Thank You Sue! you are a girls best friend! lady you have always ben a CLASS act from the start ! even though you never knew it! this Video tells the raw truth and you have alway’s fallowed your Dream “SUE BRYCE PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER” and you will never ever be forgotten your work speaks for it’s self ! BRAVO!

  9. Wow, I just experienced the most amazing synchronicity. I had just listened to the part where you mention people saying all the reasons why they can’t be photographed. Then I got a instagram notification from a stunning 40yr woman saying “I tend to shy away, not quite as young as I used to be”. Now I know exactly what to say…”In 10 years, you’ll look back & these photographs will be one of the most important things you own.”

  10. Incredible information. So simple yet will kick your butt. I was once guilty of not naming the baby. Lol thank you Sue Bryce for speaking a language I can understand.

  11. Comment Test: Valuable information given by Sue on how important to get out there and expose ourselves to sell as it does not start and end with just printing vouchers.