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Pricing to Sell


  1. I know i am good, my work is really amazing (i hear it all the time), i am in business since 7 years and my average is about 400.- CHF… thinking about it i could shoot myself! NO MORE! I will change it NOW! Thank you Sue.

  2. I worked in pro film processing labs for years and I’ve looked up the prices for every piece listed here and it is spot on. 8×10 print $42-, 11×14 matte $3.96, retouching $125-, 8.25% CA tax $14.10, Stripe fee 2.9% $5.36… X 6 = $1142.58.

    And to think all these years I’ve been working practically for free…..and giving away the images.

  3. Hi all ! I am sorry I am sure that this has been asked many times, but I can’t understand clearly the pricing model explained here, part of the reason might be because I am French and not familiar with the names and models used in the US 😉
    How do you present the small – medium – large packages to clients?
    Each has a different number of prints? Or each has a different size of prints?
    Does each package price include the sitting fee?
    I am a bit lost…
    Could someone provide me with an example with figures to help me understand?

    1. Hi Aurelia – I’m watching this now. The way I understand it, and how I am approaching, is that I am going to create a package of ‘folios’ (I think that’s just prints), a package of ‘photo books’ and a package of ‘canvas’. (I think )

    2. Hi Aurelia, Sue presents the small, medium, and large packages like this. “Small” has 6 prints, “medium” has 10 prints, and large” has 20 or 25 prints ( I don’t recall. The number of prints you include in each package is really up to you. But each package has the SAME SIZE prints. Sue’s prints are 7″x10″ and the mat is 11″x14″ and folio box also 11X14. The package price does NOT include the sitting fee. She is also giving you a range of pricing to put on your packages and it is up to you where you want to be in that range. It is whatever you feel comfortable with. But her lowest prices are what she recommends to at least start with. But if you want to price it higher, go for it!

  4. I loved this! Sue, sometimes people need to just get verbally slapped in the face to have this sort of an epiphany. Like what a real friend would do, just be real and brutally honest and to the point. Ready to make my price list!

  5. I just watched Sue’s Pricing to Sell video and am confused about sizes and mats. When Sue sells prints, does she always matt them? If so, what size of matts does she use? When she referred to the frame sizes in the video I wasn’t sure if she was simply using them as a size reference. For instance, a 16×20 print with her price – would this include a mat and how big would that matt be? Thank you!!

    1. Melanie, this is all explained more thoroughly in the Sales Intensive, but the black frames are only a size reference for clients on the PRINT ONLY. Sue either sells folios (which are 7×10 images, mounted on foamcore and matted larger (I believe it’s 11×14 for the mat size). If you want to purchase a print a la carte on it’s own, you would add the price of a frame and mat (if wanted) on top.

    1. Some one who take pics and then sends them on a disk or thru digital galleries. Usually one price ex. $350 for shoot and 15 digital images.

    2. I think it’s more like someone with little regard for selling product or giving service — just banging out as many shoots as they can manage per week for a lower price and more images (and many give “all” the images) than a photographer who is more about selling products, the experience, and the service.

    1. There are some that don’t charge a sitting fee. You can do that if you want. I’m almost positive Sue said in another video that she did no sitting fee for a while. Not sure if she still does or not though.

      I think it’s a good way to cover the cost of the assistant and the makeup artist expenses. If you don’t use them, then you don’t have to worry about having/making enough to pay them.

      If you DO use HMUA and/or an assistant then w/out a sitting fee, you’d just have to make up for their additional cost somewhere else down the line. It’s harder to do that way because it’s not guaranteed that every client will buy enough to cover their cost, so I think a sitting fee is a good way to protect yourself from having to pay them out of your own pocket.

  6. so… dumb newbie question: because I’m NOT shooting in sessions yet and I DONT have a studio. For God sake I barely have a space! LOL.. I’m setting appts with subjects to start folio building. But I want to understand. What IS included in the sitting fee? Does that include hair/makeup or is it ONLY to put your name in my appt book and put your bum on my seat. LOL! Which would mean subjects/clients show up with own hair and makeup done. Am I just confusing myself? hahah….Just want to be really clear on each aspect so if I’m asked I can give content to my value. Thank you! Hope this isn’t a really dumb question with an obvious answer I haven’t wrapped my brain around! LOL

    1. @Jettalyn have you watched the sales intensive workshop yet? That answers a lot of your questions here.
      In the sitting fee usually hair and make-up are included in the pricing you’re setting but that depends on the business model you’re following and on the quality of the final products you’re selling. I’m charging “starting from 275€” for the sitting fee because I feel comfy with getting 150€ for my time and effort and paying my experienced HMUA at least 100€. In portfolio building you can offer $value vouchers (see other videos) to get bums on seat while educating your clients that is a portfolio building session you’re offering (win-win situation). There’s no a real answer to your questions that you cannot decide yourself. I mean: at the moment is it difficult to you to get a Make up artist that helps you with the hair and make-up? So get a sitting fee with a price that values just your work and time for the shooting. If you’re managing to get a MUA you decide what to pay her for her service to you and the re-price the sitting fee accordingly so you can get your income. Of course, then, since “you sell what you show”, you carefully need to consider the value of your portfolio. We are following a business model that teaches us to sell a quality product for our clients and surely HMU is a must to make our client feel beautiful and to live the experience that leads to bigger spending.
      In portfolio building, which you are doing, you’re dealing with one of the most important starting up phases and I suggest you to take good care of it following the 12ws start up program and watching all of the lighting, styling and posing videos here. wish you all the best.

  7. I realise i must be a bit slow and this is something that has been asked already, however, 1. Is is an additional $250.00 over the cost of the 6/900, 10/1400?

    1. You don’t add your cost to the package, it’s just your cost of the sale. Is that what you asked, Andrea?

  8. Hi Sue
    Thanks for this video – just asking with your resources , when do you get your folio boxes from and which ones do you use your 10 , 15 and 25 boxes ?

    Cheers Peter

    1. I’ve listened to the last 5 minutes of this video dozens of times and you know what…my sales average went up from $400 to $1,200 in two months.

    1. I realize now that my question was dumb. lol I watched it over and over and then the light turned on.

    2. Antonia…The math doesn’t makes sense in my head either. Sue says: “…it’s simply 6/900” But that = $150…not $125. I’ve listened to it again…but obviously I’m missing something. I need that “light turned on” for me.. Can you clarify it for me, please?

  9. I love this!! I do have a question, how do you handle previous clients when you have been in business for awhile and have a major price jump or major change? I want to change so much, should I do an entire name change and everything? I am wondering if people will say “You used to charge $40 for an 8×10, why is it $125 now?” Things like that… thoughts?

    1. You are going to lose clients and you have to know that, accept it and move on. It’s a hard pill, but it’s business.

  10. I’m committed to stop giving my work (self) away and value my work (self) accordingly. This gets to happen by tonight! Thanks you. You’re a treasure and inspiration,

  11. I just did it. I re-set my pricing accordingly. Sue, I’ve listened to “Pricing to Sell” over and over since August and I’m finally feeling it. Moving on to re-listen to the Sales Intensive now 🙂 Whew, that was a big hurdle! Thank you.

  12. In my family history, we went and paid for what was considered a higher end portrait photographer and got proofs then selected the 8×10 which then stayed on the coffee table for 20 years or whatever. But it was ONE print . That was all that was needed. So i’m really having a hard tiome getting my head around a package that has 10- 25 prints ! Who needs that many prints ? This is the objection in my own mind . Can somebody please help me with this block …

    1. also posted on EDU page and this was Sue’s response: Who needs 30 pairs of shoes ???
      Who needs 1500 Star Wars toys??? Who needs 10 cars???

      Whoever WANTS them. The bigger question is can you sell something you don’t believe in?

    2. How can a single portrait represent a dynamic personality? I am fascinated with my client’s energy and how much she changes from image to image, depending on what was going on inside her. One of the ways my ideal client expresses herself is through her attire… she can’t be defined by just one outfit.

  13. I joined this site just to learn about Sue’s pricing model. This video was the 2nd one I watched. Did I learn about her pricing structure? Yep. Will I make the changes? Yep. But, more than that, this was possibly the most inspiring video I have ever seen on any topic. Sue, your passion and enthusiasm is undeniable and beyond words. And, for that, I truly Thank You!

  14. WOW…Got so much out of this! What you said toward the end really resonated with me… It’s not about believing in yourself (which unfortunately is hard to do at times). It’s about believing in the cause, the purpose of what I’m doing. And I know and very much believe in what I’m doing. So now, it’s time to shift the focus on that! Thank you!!!

  15. Such a motivation! What is your opinion on a “build your own collection” method where they can mix and match rather than three set in stone collections?

  16. This was so helpful, thank you Sue. The conversion of dollars to rand just seem so extreme… i know, its just me, ill get over it. Im starting IPS now and have booked two consultations for next week. I have my prices down its way below your recommendations, however its a start. I will adjust it as i get more comfortable with the consultations. At this stage anything will be better than what I’m doing at the moment….
    as a side note this morning I actually did it, wrote on paper what i want to do for a studio, drew pictures and spent some time dreaming… and then I thought, whilst editing lets listen to Sue so you can get this dream going 🙂

  17. I have a total of 6 packages broken down to 3 print packages and 3 digital packages. I wrote this price list last year and then took a day job because I had no idea how to truly market and network- therefore no clients. Now, I left my day job and feel that it is time to take my photography to the next level, so I have to nail down my prices and price lists.

    The reason I set two packages is because I was not going to sell digital files. Even when I first decided to work at photography and become a pro, I had a mindset of prints only. There is so much discussion on the subject that I decided to make two different sets of packages. I wanted to appease all of my clients. The clinger is that the digital packages include printed images while the print only packages are for print only, no digital files except for a phone app.

    I have set my digital files at 150.00/ image and will keep that price as that is where I feel comfortable at the moment. I also give my clients the option of purchasing more prints from their shoot proof gallery which is connected to Pro DPI. My issue with doing this is that my print only sales will be questioned. I can get around this by saying that these are unit pricing and have a minimum order and size restriction that comes from the lab, which it does. I am using the school and sports ordering option for these. Miller’s is similar.

    My images printed on fujifilm are 100.00 matted, I also have the option of having prints on fine art hahnemuehle paper but I cannot recall that individual price, although, I do still have the package price.

  18. Q4Sue: Help! Confused re Print vs. Frame Measurements.. This is regarding the samples you keep nearby when selling, or putting together your packages:
    Example is your listed size: 24″ x 30″ ;
    Selling: 24″ x 30″ (Are you selling that as a print size or a frame size?) ;
    Print Dims?: 24″ x 30″ ;
    Internal Frame Area Opening?: Frame holds 24″ x 30″ image? ;
    External Frame Dimes?: Is it larger than 24″ x 30″? ;
    Frame Profile/Molding/Edge Dims: 1″W x 5/8″ Depth ;
    Mat Size Dims: ? ;
    Mat Size Opening Dims: ? ;

  19. I just love you Sue!! After seeing you at the Aus Baby Summit recently youve put a fire under my butt!! I want to ask a question… regarding the packages.. I have raised my price.. does it matter whats actually IN these packages or will you go over that in future sales talks? ie amount of images, whats included, digitals? etc.. thanks 🙂

  20. question for you: … do you put your pricing directly on your website? or do you post something along the lines of “pricing for sessions begins at $375 inquire at xxxx for more information” ?? would love to hear what your recommendation is … presently, I don’t post any of my pricing ….

  21. Sue, you invited us to give our push back, I believe my work is good enough to make a living (huge improvement in my psychology and work quality) my block is still with the money that is out there, the medium package is one month wages for almost every one I know. I supose to answer part of my own question I need to fish from a higher income pool, but my desire and value to make a living is there. just finding my client is a a difficult concept for me.

  22. Hi Sue. I’ve created a new website and I know you don’t like online galleries, but I am not a portrait photographer. Even though I can take portraits of people, it still terrifies me, so I prefer to stick with what I know and take photos of a subject that I love and that is horses. I have always been a quiet and shy sort of person from a very young age even though I have come a long way at improving myself, it still pains me to communicate effectively with people and try to be extroverted when I am not. So, anyway, my point is that it is easier for me to have an online gallery and just sell fine art. So, on my website I put the sizes of the photos you recommended. I then was going to put in the prices that you suggested, and that scared me. So I halved them. And that scares me still. $75 for an 8 x 12 is a lot for a horse photo that other people can go online and buy one for $30?? So I feel like halving it again. I know you are jumping up and down right now saying you have not listened to me at all, but I have. I will try it at these prices but I don’t see how it is going to work? What should I be doing? My instincts tell me that I should be lowering my prices again just so I can make a sale.

    1. Keep those prices but sell a 12 x18. Everyone else is selling 8×12, your product will be different. Use a great paper/fine art paper. Offer what the others are not. Your hard costs only go up by a few dollars. I do this for sports.

  23. Thank you so much Sue!! I am already at the lowest of the 2 prices you suggested for packages and a la carte. I would be hard pressed to tell you an average sales though. Having recently completed my portfolio building foe women’s portraiture, what I need now are bums in seats. I am looking forward to the 23rd. Thanks for your relentless encouragement 😉

  24. Im trying to determine if the 8×10 is the only print that includes the mat. For instance, do you intend to sell the 30×40 matted? If so, what does the size of that image become 20×30? Thanks!

  25. Dear Sue, My whole life I have been told that I am “too loud”, “too much”, “too big”, “too something” and I started to believe it and started “making myself small” so OTHERS would be more comfortable. It took a long time for me to recognize that I was doing that, then to recognize that I didn’t have to do that any longer, and then to reconnect with that original firey energy spark that I used to have. It was like cracking open a very old, and locked, and barricaded door that I knew had all of my spirit and life behind it….it was hard. But I’m getting it back quicker and quicker each time I listen to you. My energy spirit rises and engages every time I hear and listen to you., The last 1/2 of your talk helped my past energy roar and I’m so charged right now…I’m so, so, so very grateful for you as a mentor! My new mantra “I have so much value and I enjoy the desire to give the best service I can by making beautiful portraits and receiving money for it!”

  26. I was trying to think of something to say to express what I’m feeling right now & all I can say is I’m MAD at myself for putting up with my own crap for all these years of being in business..what a waste of time in worrying about everything! I’ve stopped whining about “Nobody in my town will pay those prices..blah blah blah” & kicked my own butt into gear..thanx for the boost starts with ME & I’m going to freakin’ do this!!! xoxo

    1. Hi Sarah I’m a painter and l use deck the walls picture framing in mudjimba Qld for my 16 x 20 mount kits. Great prices and quality which is why I’m willing to ship them to victoria. A mount kit is the mount the backing board and a cello sleeve. Search for mount kits on ebay or just their name and you should get a visual of what they offer. Great service and product.. good luck 🙂

  27. If you’re not already hitting $125 per 8×10, and are kind of no where near that. Is it recommended to jump the gun? or gradually increase your pricing to get there?

  28. I am not a glamor photographer, but I have had a girl crush on Sue from the first time I saw her on creative live. I have recently been specializing in photographing children in a styled setting, e.g.: fairy, mermaid, etc. I know that I am underpriced and love the pricing that Sue has advised, but there is also the cost of what the market will bare to think about. Am I worth the price? Definitely! I have been told by clients that my work is “amazing” and “artistic”. But, I have some questions.
    Raising my pricing moves my business out of the current market, how do I sustain being without clients and, therefore, money?
    I believe that Stephanie Redhair and me also have the same question – how to address the price change to our current client base?

    1. I do have a question though… did I miss something in the beginning about the break down of the packages? All the math on the packages seem wrong to me…. unless it’s including the value of the session fee or the box itself in addition to the images. I just want to make sure I’m not missing something bc I’m a geeky numbers girl, and I think the break downs are AMAZING, but I’m not following the math….
      10 image folio box for $1250 is not $100 each like it says… and so on. Is there a value Sue added in that I’m missing…. THANKS!

    2. Hi Autumn, I have the same question. Didn’t she say that the cost of the Finao box is included in the price? I don’t know for sure, I am pretty overwhelmed.

    3. I think the price discrepancy is because the prices Sue had printed were not including cost of goods, so she had to deduct the price of the frame/folio box and printing. Correct me if I’m wrong, Sue, but that’s how I understood it.

  29. Okay so once you decide to raise your prices how do you address it with your current client base or do you? I have a lot of repeat clients from year to year.

    1. I haven’t watched this yet and I am by no means Sue Bryce, but my guess would be to start your new pricing with new clients. I’d probably let my “now” clients know that I am raising my prices, but because they have been devoted clients that you will still give them the best deal you can. Maybe that means only a slight increase each year along with not giving away too much and doing a slight decrease in what they get. But for all I know I could be totally blowing it out my @$$, lol. Hopefully you’ll get a real answer to your questions and when you do I’d love to know that answer too.

  30. Strange…but why is there an overwhelming number of women here and in your groups? Are men afraid to let a powerful woman like Sue Bryce teach them a thing or two? Mercy, Lord.

  31. I love being able to come back to these videos near the end of the week and get a bit of a double lesson once I’ve let it sink in after the live broadcast. This is an INCREDIBLE tool, Sue. I’m so, so happy for you. How magical! Also, you look adorable in the cover frame on this video. I love your face! Thank you so much for helping so many people.

  32. Sue this is my biggest hurdle I use my sitting fee ($150.00) to cover what I pay my hair and make up prrson. If I am to give out vouchefs to comp y sitting fee, how do I make sure my hair and makeup person gets paid? Am I upping my pricing to make sure that that fee is still included

    1. Hope this helps. This is how I figure out the cost for my sitting fee. Unit Costs: Pay yourself first $150, Your MUA $150, Back to the Business $150 and Studio Time/Rent per hour $150 your sitting fee $600. I don’t own a studio yet so I have to rent. To cover my cost of doing business for a shoot is $600 for the day. Not including the packages and ala cart costs.

    2. Sue mentioned, when she started out she couldn’t pay her MUA her full rate, but she worked out something like $100 per session to pay her MUA. In return she taught her MUA how to retouch and some other beneficial skills. During the first 5 weeks I think it was, she worked her tail off to build a body of work with voucher clients to set the foundation to pay those that were helping her.

      There are many creative ways to work something out at this stage. You will sometimes have vouchers clients who don’t buy and some that will buy enough to cover all your expenses. It’s the law of averages, just walk towards it with certainty and conviction, get bums on seats and generating money.

  33. OMGoodGod I love Sue screaming…. Like firework; all demons disappear! Amazing thing is, I had a “dream shoot” (not knowing that it is actually a valid concept) in my wedding photography that was a special tour in the dramatic landscape scenery of our national park… So “meant to be” you bring this up, Sue! Thank you so much, cause that kita is exactly what I need to get a new dream shoot concept set up that I am brooding about recently,… and by you only mentioning it, it already gave me an explosion in my head to start working it out!!!! Can’t wait to research to get it together and go share the idea!!! X thank you!!!

  34. I’ve just been listening to you at the baby summit and I have just had this on in the car. From me – wow just the final sealer I needed after getting myself in a tizz over pricing yesterday! From my husband – she should be a footy coach she’s very inspiring! From my kids – golden silence!!! You had their full attention! Thanks Sue for being you and giving me the tools to self value xxx

    1. Session fee could be another word. For me personally this fee includes pre consultation, (coffee and sweets) communication, wardrobe consult,, more communication, (little what’s apps I keep going all the time to keep engagement high), mood board Pinterest, possibly location scouting, gasoline, the photo session itself and the reveal session… In the end you can boil it down (in my case) to time spend to educate, engage, encourage, connect to, pamper and entice the client. My session fee does currently not include HMU, it is an optional addition. Others have beautiful printed magazines to educate and prepare the client for the shoot, I don’t have that (yet). I might have forgotten something or others might have another definition, but this is about if for me. After the sitting fee the client is free to purchase whatever they want. For that my product prices apply. So that us two different things.

    2. Sitting fee can also mean session fee. It’s really just a way to receive income for “taking the portraits”.

  35. @Sue: I know you already know how amazing you are. 🙂 Every time I watch your videos, I feel like somebody has plugged me into the socket and am all charged up like batteries. I have just started my business but I understand my worth and the worth of my work. Just finished my pricing and packages but I’m going to revise them now after watching this video and going to add a dream shoot package as well because I believe I can do that. 🙂 All thanks to you wonder girl! You’re a blessing!

  36. Ahhhh watched this before bed and am now so wired ans buzzing there is no way I can sleep. repricing my packaging for the next hour I think 🙂 Thank you Sue x

  37. I’m sorry, if I missed it… regarding the wall products, are they the size of the image itself or the mats with a slightly smaller aperture?

    So far I thought I should get at least £100/image in my smallest folio of 6 and I started to get used to this idea but now that I’ve watched this keynote, I’m actually thinking I should go for £100/image in the largest folio box, which is going to push the average price up. Yay 🙂

    I’m still freaking out a bit about the idea of charging the same amount in pounds as what you set out in dollars. Since right now and for years we’ve been so rock bottom financially, I do not see myself paying so much for a photograph at this moment. If I didn’t have to live month to month and watch every single penny, I would totally pay these prices. So here’s my block I guess.

    I hope this one becomes an audio download as well! There are waaay too many great arse kicking bits in this keynote that need to be listened to on a constant loop! But at least once every morning to start the day right 🙂 Thank you so much, Sue!!!! You are absolutely amazing!!! Now of to have a look at those numbers again 🙂 Big hugs xx

  38. Great information! The sound on these live videos sounds like you are yelling which hurts my ears no matter how low I put my earphones. I noticed the sound it is not the same as your other videos. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this. Love the new site and very excited for what’s to come!

  39. If we are just starting out and can’t absorb the cost of a printed reveal wall, do you suggest a digital viewing? A slide show? 5×7 proofs? I am trying desperately to get away from being a shoot and burn photographer.

    1. Sue’s mentioned it a couple of times, but yes, don’t do the reveal walls until you are consistently hitting your average sales target is what I’ve been picking up from her.

    2. Hi Ellen, this is my take. You have to know the difference between “In Person Sale” (IPS), “Shoot & Burn” and the “Digital Reveal”.

      If you are just starting out, you should know the In Person Sale (IPS) is very powerful, regardless of industry, the most effective sales tool, and remains the priority regardless of whether or not you are selling prints or digitals. Don’t be stuck in the notion you must hand over all your images in one disc (so don’t advertise this at all). They should choose the individual images they want to purchase, and don’t confuse them with too many options. (These can then be included in the packages or A La Carte depending on your sales model).

      IPS – DIGITAL Reveal
      Sit with the client and go through the images displaying them however you can (desktop computer, TV, laptop, etc) I give the client the control to go to the next photo – they “drive the computer” & push the next button. Go through each one as if they would be picking up each print to view it, and STOP TALKING as Sue says. I sit back & let them take as much time as they want. (I use Lightroom on my laptop to present mine and they can choose/Pick as they go) It also means I can do the reveal anywhere. I shut up and let them “think” themselves into the sale – don’t underestimate what they will talk themselves into. Give them as much time as they need to decide.

      Then when they indicate they are ready, take back the control of the computer & the sale. “How would you like to pay for that”… They can walk away with the disc of their chosen images or you might like to arrange prints – up to you. (At least you know you won’t be out of pocket)

      Don’t start the Printed Reveal Wall until you are able to absorb the cost – Sue says $1200 average sale. Yes it is more effective, because they get to take it home to stick on display today. But your fear of NOT selling (and not recouping your costs) will stink up the room.

    3. If you don’t mind me asking Carolyn. Where do you normally do your Digital Reveal and how do you display the sizes of imagines (as Sue mentioned the frames) for A La Carte sales? Thank you in advance.

    1. It’s up to you. Some people charge a sitting fee some don’t. Some see it as an automatic “fear of losing the sale” by charging a sitting fee. Some add value to the sitting / retainer fee stating that it goes towards refreshments / hair & make up.

    2. After watching Sue’s video. I cannot tell if her packages include the sitting fee or not. So, with Sue’s method, Would it be (as an example from her video): “Middle Package” $1400 to $1900 with includes a Folio Box of 10 images ($125-$175/ea), PLUS “Sitting Fee” (which I’m setting at $250 or $350.)? Or, has she already built in the sitting fee into her packages. Thank you. And, is the makeup and hair included as well? I feel like I cannot set my package pricing until I know what I’m supposed to include as COGs. Thank you.

      Also, I know Sue is very passionate about valuing one’s self, but what about the inability to value one’s photographs. HOW do you know you are good enough (not as a person, but as a photographer)? HOW do you know you are worth what you’re charging? Because it’s not really “you”, it’s your work. You talent and skills either command the prices you are asking, or they don’t. So, how do you gauge this? To me that is probably the biggest hurdle to overcome. I have a studio- I have all the high-end gear- I have props and backdrops for days- My market area is filled with the ideal demographic for these types of portraits, AND they have lots of money here- And I’m the only portrait studio in the area.. There’s no reason someone should not be successful at implementing Sue’s program with what I’ve been blessed with. Unless, one’s work/talent is not up to par. Not sure how to make that transition, and to know whether or not my photography is suitable for these package prices. Do I just try, and see if they buy? Thank you very much! 🙂

    3. Sitting/Session Fee is separate from packages. Packages are groups of products for sale that clients buy after they pay for their session and choose their photos to print.

    4. Have your work critiqued by the mentors if you want to gauge your skill. But if people are already paying you for it, and YOU like your work, GO FOR IT!!!