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58:48 Duration

Posing Couples

Marketing to couples is yet another way to bring new clients into your studio. Sue encourages the women she photographs to bring their partner for some photos of the two of them. This is a great way to sell more photos and increase your sales. Watch as Sue poses couples in both a classic and creative way including when a couple is the same height and when one person is taller than the other.


  1. I just joined your site last night and I’ve been hooked. You’re posing is by far the best I’ve ever seen. I feel like I’ve learned so much in less than 24hours that I just want to go out and shoot now. I have a couples session this coming Sunday and I’m so excited to put to use what I have learned already. Thank you Sue Bryce.

    1. I am just watching this now and my husband looked over at me like what did she say??? I think he has a new love for sue now haha