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28:25 Duration

Photoshop: Warping & Contouring


  1. Hi, I’ve tried this over and over but I think I’m somehow missing a step. I keep getting a gap in between my top and bottom layer with a very pronounced line. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Have you checked your settings for how the cut out layer is pasted? Don’t remember exactly where to do that now, but I remember I had to adjust settings for that as I started with photoshop because by default it did not copy paste into the exact same spot. Maybe yours is pasting just slightly off the copied spot…?

  2. I have been using photoshop for years and I have always used the liquidify tool for all of my shaping. Never have I really considered the warp tool to be as good. However, I kept pausing this tutorial, opened and image in Photoshop and toyed around with the technique. You are right, the warp tool does a better job. Thank you Sue.

    1. Same here. I knew the warp tool but used liquify. But..yes the warp tool is So much faster and much cleaner. Awesome,thank you Sue!

  3. Hi Sue, I love yr course. Learned a lot already! I have one question. I do not understand yr warping procedure. For example when you lift an eyelid: the original eyelid is still there. When you erase it there is nothing or if you have a 2nd layer the 1st eyelid still shows…. I try to figure out how you solve this but I can’t see it. Thanks for yr help!

  4. Sue – thanks for this! It’s beyond ridicuous that I didn’t know how to use this tool. Question, what is “not keeping it real?” I work primarily with pregnant women and so many of them like the idea of being thin – let’s face it, we all do. However, my esthetic leans towards conservative contouring and to my disadvantage I am in a very competitive market and constantly being compared to a competitor and their liquified images. (I use to work for them, so I also know that’s part of the request, which is a whole other conversation that I’ve been dying to discuss with you….baby steps). The said competitor goes so beyond normal and disproportionate with the slimming, that I hate it when a client requests it. Can you share with us how much is too much warping? Thanks 🙂

  5. HI lots to learn and this is so helpful. Thank you !
    Question: how do you get your actions in color like that and placed on the side for easy access?

  6. Hi sue, learning sooooo much from u!!! Thanks
    I see that u use Eizo monitor, which one is it?
    I use a new iMac and everything looks so good on it, but after seeing the difference when I print an album or on other monitors I got so insecure. I tried taking the brightness down, I’m still not sure. Do u have any tips???

  7. Hi Nigel. After you make your selection with the lasso tool Hit Ctrl J and it will put the selection on its own layer, you work from there. If you are on a Mac, it is Command J. 🙂

    1. Nigel when you select and area with your lasso and then copy and paste it adds another layer but only to that small area so you can warp that top layer