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Photoshop Retouching

Knowing how to retouch is crucial as a portrait photographer, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Sue and Jason Hoppe take us through a multitude of ways to retouch your photographs — everything from blemishes on the skin to extending a backdrop.


  1. I’m following his instructions for each color, but I just get a a crazy amount of red, blue, green when I bump the color number to match. I’ve watched multiple times & I don’t see what I’m missing??

  2. Thanks for all the information & clear delivery. New to PS so have been watching the videos a few times & practicing on my own images at the same time. When using the clone stamp and healing brush tool what size pixels do I put them at?

  3. I dont understand why he does so much work to get it balanced in curves and then over doing it to then brush it away in the mask? It seems like the long way around to get to the same place as well as confusing.

    1. Hi Andrea… personally, I have found calibrating my screens REALLY important. I use the Spyder5 and I’m getting great results.

    1. I remember I saw and used one before. Not being able to find it again though!

  4. OMG, this skin balancing technique is genius! And just what I needed right now. I just joined yesterday. The best $35 I ever spent, even if this one video is the only thing I got. Thanx Sue!

  5. Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier was the father of Frequency Separation with the publication of his work on the study of heat transfer in 1822. The principle of frequency separation is used in many fields, i.e. radio tech, audio editing etc. It was around literally for ages. 😉

    1. He said “forward slash” but he might have meant “back slash” which is the “\” key.

      As long as you have a layer with the mask is selected, the “back slash” key will show the mask for that layer.

      On most of the PC keyboards I’ve used that key is typically around where the backspace key is.

      Hope this helps

  6. Proud to say I am a Hacker Like Sue and Do not use Layers as well …but it is great to know there is another way to go as well, like Jason! repetition is the mother of skill thank you so much. loved the red face transformation !

  7. I don´t think there is the “one correct” way 🙂 Thank you for showing different options, that really helps on finding the way that works best for oneself.
    (PS: I´m still with Jason, I love masks and layers. When I discovered them PS made so much more sense for me. :))