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Photoshop: Skin Retouching


  1. Thank YOU! Learning how to copy/paste background, & using the eraser tool to change certain details have made retouching so much easier! I wish I had found this program a long time ago.

  2. Wow Sue , mmmmajor epiphany and I dont think anyone has ever quite put it in this light (pun-intended) before; I have always shied away from Photoshop simply because the idea of drastically changing someones appearance defeated the purpose of my work (my tagline is “Celebrate your NATURAL beauty…” The fact of the matter is that I always thought of Photoshop as a factory of sorts Liquify this, Trim that, Change this, Warp that. With this tutorial, I have been enlighted and shown the err of my ways of thinking. Ugh, brightening the shadoooowwws, enhancing ones natural beauty, ALAS!!!!! What an epiphany, seriously! Thank you thank you thank you! The wealth of information on your site, Sue, is worth a four year college education!

  3. Best easy/step to step skin retouching tutorials I have ever viewed. Sue thanks so much for these wonderful videos. I seriously can’t get enough. You are incredible, so patient and helpful for beginner portrait photoshop gals like myself. Now I need a wacom tablet!

    1. Lori, is there any place we _can_ post our work to have others critique it? I am very new to PS and therefore new as well to retouching. Where can I receive some feedback using Sue’s image (download above), She makes it clear not to post online… Thanks.

  4. These videos have been incredibly helpful! Thank you! A lot of questions I had and things I was just stumped on were mostly answered. I still see my cloning tool softening too much on the face. Is it a flow percentage issue or is it where I am selecting from?

  5. Love this video!! Was sooo happy to see it! I saw on another video that 20-30% flow is often used but this has far more detailed! I’ve been watching and practicing and finding that with an image where the face is pretty much all in focus (ie i can see all the texture of the skin on the cheeks, forehead and chin) when i use 20% flow and clone it almost makes the area look softer so in the end there are areas that weren’t cloned that are sharp and areas the that were cloned are soft and it looks odd. I tried 10% but that makes little to no difference when trying to ‘fix’ something so not sure how to clone (for example when trying to use light area on center of forehead to fix the ‘second eye brow) but still keep the texture?

  6. Great extra tips. I’m struggling with dodging on bloodshot eyes, where the dodge area turns pink. I remember watching sue explain how she tackles this on a video sometime in the past, I have had a look through convocation but struggling to find. Can you help?

  7. Oh my gosh!! You have just saved me hours. My present edit time is 20 minutes and I haven’t been able to get it down. I’m looking forward to a new life!!! Thanks heaps Sue.

  8. Oh my…..if I would have found you months ago, I would have saved so much money and time learning retouching that I still don’t get….LOL I love love love your techniques, so simple

  9. Sue, I would love it if you would do a session for us on organizing your Photoshop actions panel in button mode. Not just what the buttons are for (although newbies may find that useful), but what actual actions you create. I realize that actions will vary according to users’ individual needs, but as a portrait photographer with such a depth of Photoshop experience, you, more than anyone else, know what actions are the most useful and time saving for us photographers/retouchers.

    I know you are swamped with about thirty zillion other priorities right now, but this action/button mode has captivated me since I first saw you do a retouching demo years ago. It seems to play a large part in how you are able to work so quickly (besides 20 years of practice, ha!). Also, those colored buttons/tabs just look so cool. 🙂
    Thank you for considering my request. If I don’t see this in the next six months or so, do I have your permission to ask you again?

    P.S. You have really hit your perfect stride with your speed of talking and editing… so easy to follow.
    xo, Carol

    1. So… the next video I watched right after my comment happened to be the two-minute retouch, where you do explain how you create your curves actions and buttons! I would still love to see what all of your other actions/ buttons are. Just seeing how you record and use your curves actions was so helpful.

  10. Brilliant, thank you Sue. I’m new to Photoshop & I have been struggling. I did a portfolio shoot on Monday I have been dreading editing it. Off to put what I have learnt in these retouching videos to the test 🙂

  11. Re: Photoshop:Skin Retouching
    Sue refers to a dropbox menu which enables users to download the images for practice. I am unable to find the images.
    Are they still available?
    Regards, Cheryl

    1. Sue with regards to the clicking with the pen / wacom how to you physically do that so fast? Are you clicking on the pen or just lifting your pen and moving it to a new area. I am particularly impressed at the red dots on arm section!