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Sales Contact #1 — Networking

Sales Contact #1: Networking. This is your first point of contact with new clients. This is the first time we start to connect and sell. This stage requires confidence and ownership a clear conviction on you and your service. This is where we build and declare the path we’re on to a professional business and brand. Because we are not selling portraits yet, we are selling you.

There are five crucial points of contact with your clients that you need to master for selling portraits in your business:

#1 — Networking
#2 — The Consultation
#3 — Day of Shoot
#4 — The Reveal
#5 — Ask for Referrals

In this special five-week series of Sue Bryce LIVE, it’s time to dig in and purposefully strengthen every point of contact we have with clients.


  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes…. Sue you talk straight to my soul. I should have watched this sooner. Like a glass of cold water to the face. Love you.

  2. About being genuinely interested in others, I would like to share this quote I once read somewhere: “when you are the one speaking, you will most likely hear something you have already heard before. When you let others speak and listen, you might actually learn something new!” Engage with people with an authentic will to learn something, to expand your vision, your knowledge, your understanding. Don’t doit simply to be polite…it will stink!

  3. Awesome chat Sue! I think if you truly love what you do then enthusiasm is the natural excitement that just comes out – no need to manufacture it at all!! Shoot days are my fave days – passion and excitement through the roof!!! I always get excited about what I am going to create!!!