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Moving Portraits

Sue takes us through step by step how you can easily make beautiful moving portraits for your clients during your photo shoot. Sue’s clients absolutely love these and you can create them for your clients to give them that extra wow factor.


* Visuals like videos will get the most traffic to your social media pages. People love seeing videos!

* When you are filming moving portraits, show your client exactly what you want her to do with simple movements.

* Sue SHOWS them how to do the movements first.

* Let your client practice so that she gets comfortable with this before you start recording her. Give her direction just like you would during a photo shoot. You’ll see in the video that I don’t stop talking to her and giving her direction and good feedback THE ENTIRE TIME. Your clients don’t know what to do if you don’t tell them!

* Having movement through her hair with a fan or hairdryer will make it even more beautiful, so if you can, add that extra touch.

* Don’t be afraid to show your client one of the great clips you got. Show her in slow motion during playback on the back of your camera (this is an option on Canon cameras in the playback section).

* You can add these short clips into your Animoto slideshows and even show them during your photo reveals


  1. I just watched the video about “Dawn 37 years old” It brought tears to my eyes. THATS exactly what I love to do …to show others the beauty I see in them. Loved it Sue.