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Mother and Baby Beauty Portrait
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1:07:59 Duration

Mother and Baby Beauty Portrait

It was around 2002 when I launched my very first independent website. I was in the beginning stages of becoming a solopreneur. I had a very very strong desire to push back against what everyone was telling me and I created a website that really just spoke to glamour… no families, no weddings, and no babies.

What happened next blew my mind. I started attracting exactly what I was selling, people that wanted to have the full makeover experience. Still, every week I was getting requests for families and weddings.

People liked my style and it never hindered me from getting requests outside of what I was mostly wanting as a client base.

This class is about creating painterly Vanity Fair style portraits with mother and baby.

I do not identify myself as a glamour photographer. I identify myself as a portrait photographer and the option to shoot families, children, and weddings are still available to me if I choose to.

I look forward to sharing this with you.