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Mother and Baby Beauty Portrait

It was around 2002 when I launched my very first independent website. I was in the beginning stages of becoming a solopreneur. I had a very very strong desire to push back against what everyone was telling me and I created a website that really just spoke to glamour… no families, no weddings, and no babies.

What happened next blew my mind. I started attracting exactly what I was selling, people that wanted to have the full makeover experience. Still, every week I was getting requests for families and weddings.

People liked my style and it never hindered me from getting requests outside of what I was mostly wanting as a client base.

This class is about creating painterly Vanity Fair style portraits with mother and baby.

I do not identify myself as a glamour photographer. I identify myself as a portrait photographer and the option to shoot families, children, and weddings are still available to me if I choose to.

I look forward to sharing this with you.


  1. Off topic but I recognize the wrist flick. She needs to go see her doc and Chiro for her hands/wrists probably has de Quervains tenosynovitis. Head it off before it gets worse. I’ve headed off surgery by getting the Chiro to work on it regularly and 20 min hand massages once a week. New moms are prone to it.

    1. Re recommended dress hire places:
      Depends where you are in the world, Laura. Google ‘dress hire’ and your town/city and see what comes up.

  2. Holy Cow,…strobes just made since to me! The strobe over powers ANY ambient light in the room! Here I have been thinking that the ambient was contributing!! Thank you, Sue!!

    1. Janina, we just finished shooting that live video this week, please be patient, we will post as soon as we can.

  3. Small tip for anyone wondering about mixing window light with flash. If you don’t want your flash to overpower your window light, get a small speedlight unit from yongnuo. For 50 bucks or so you will have a good speedlight that can be turned way down. Mount it to a cheap neewer softbox for speedlights (they have big ones too) and you’re good to go. Cheap as chips and does the job wonderfully.