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Money Talks: Wealth Guide

Sue Bryce and Tiffany Angeles have developed a wealth guide explaining six levels of wealth. This series of videos will take you through those levels, help you decide which one you are at, and teach you how to climb to higher levels.


  1. I love this video. I have a sister who is a victim and I’m so sad for her. I’ve tried with all of my heart to give her ideas to help her but she just doesn’t want to listen. She is angry and jealous that her younger sisters are doing better in most areas of our lives and I know it crushes her. A lot of my own guilt about money has been the fear of what she would think if I got any more wealthy and I actually held back just for her for so long. I didn’t want to make her feel any worse through my success. Anyway, I addressed hat a few years ago and I’m doing better and allowing myself to grow. But I still feel so sad for her. I wish she had what I have.

  2. WOW!!!! ok so apparently I am an accumulator investor who falsely believes i’m in the survival phase because I have no debt but am terrified of touching my IRA to invest in my business which is intern holding me down… and keeping me from succeeding. also need to QUIT the “fine art” gig! Great resume which doesn’t pay my mortgage!

  3. i love your openness and i can relate to that cellular level when i think back on certain things that i have overcome. I m working on this money THANK YOU both!

  4. I am a single mom of two little girls right now, and i just entered the “survivor” phase. my daughter (5 year old) keeps asking for things that I couldn’t afford yet as we rebuild our lives. but i always get worked up because I AM ALWAYS GUILTY that I couldn’t provide well enough for us. How do I break the pattern? I always get mad at her for that – but in truth it was just all guilt on my part because i want to provide a really good life for the three of us?

  5. Good day Sue Bryce, I have a question regarding the workbook. As I am going through the workbook and looking at the wheel, I am not seeing the levels you and tiffany were talking about in this segment of videos, ex..victim, survivors, manager etc…am I missing or overlooking something. Or is this something we are supposed to self identity? Thank you so much for these videos and the self value. It came to me when I was ready to be open to it and actually be honest with myself about these things. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.