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Money Leaks
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24:18 Duration

Money Leaks

An introduction to the Money Talks series, Sue discusses money issues with the mentors personally, candidly, and honestly. “Money: It is the subject of most resistance. People will talk about fear before they talk about money. It is the biggest thing couples fight about and the biggest situation that you will lie about in your life. And sadly, it is the one thing that is operating in direct proportion to your core beliefs about yourself.”Learn the 8 ways you are diverting money away, how to change it, the dopamine effect of spending money, and about the mistakes Sue has made personally. These talks are not to be missed and will change the way you think about money forever.

Key Points:

* Money is the subject that people are the most resistant to talk about. Money is biggest thing couples fight about. Money is the biggest situation that people will lie about in their life.

* MONEY IS THE ONE THING THAT IS OPERATING IN DIRECT PROPORTION TO YOUR CORE BELIEFS ABOUT YOURSELF. When Sue talks with people about money, their response ultimately gives a clear indication of where they are personally.

* Sue built something with her friend Tiffany Angeles to help people get through their money blocks and to get to the next level in their income. BEFORE YOU CAN DO THIS, YOU MUST RECOGNIZE YOUR MONEY LEAKS AND STOP THEM

* Think about it like this. Earning money is logical — you go to work, you provide a service, and you get paid. Keeping money is when it becomes emotional. Everything that causes you to lose money is attached to an emotion. Emotion = energy in motion. So, if you are in a negative emotion around money, then the motion is going straight out the back door!

Sue and Tiffany came up with 8 ways that people leak money:

  1. Overgiving — You pay for everyone’s dinner, buy lots of gifts, you basically find any reason to give it away
  2. Avoidance — You avoid what is happening in your bank account, you avoid paying bills, you are avoiding all responsibility around money
  3. Guilt — You can’t accept money because you feel guilty about it, you feel guilty about earning money, you feel guilty about being wealthier than other people
  4. Not Receiving — You push money away, someone offers to pay and you don’t let them, someone owes you money, but you tell them not to worry about it – even though you secretly want them to make you take it
  5. Resentment — You resent paying for things and you start resenting people and when you have resentment around money, you leak money
  6. Tightfistedness — This comes from fear and the feeling of scarcity and the feeling that there isn’t enough to go around. This leads to possessiveness and the energy of tightfistedness will inevitably hurt you.
  7. Out of Control Spending — You overspend and you don’t think about what is going to happen as a result of your spending
  8. No Boundaries — You aren’t speaking up for yourself

* If you continue to leak money and do the things on the Wheel of Misfortune, you will not get the things you want! Example: I want to buy a house this year. So instead of buying everyone dinner and feeling emotional about it, I will pay my own way and remind myself that I want to purchase a house and I cannot do that if I am overgiving. When you want something more than what you’ve got, that will shift your focus!

* IT IS A DAILY PRACTICE TO CHANGE YOUR ACTIONS around how you feel, attract, and manage money.

* Only when you overcome these things will you start accumulating money. It is crucial to acknowledge the emotion and the lesson around the way we leak money.

Which leak(s) to you have? Be sure to watch it and let’s talk through this in convocation.