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Mimic Natural Light with Strobe & Kino


  1. Haha! Just rewatched that bit and answered my own question. 🙂 I am curious however WHICH ND filter is used? There are so many different types (not brands) that you kind of go in blind.

    1. Hi Christy! Glad to see you joined. 🙂 Do you mean when using a strobe? You can only go up to a certain SS before you start getting the black leaf blocking part of your image, so you have to adjust Aperture instead. But you don’t want to lose that depth of field! I need to get a NDF!

    2. Also one other note that shutter speed has no effect on flash. Aperture and ISO control flash and ambient light. Shutter speed only controls ambient light. This is because the flash fires so fast that it’s come and gone while the shutter is still open.

    3. Because she may want to shoot at 2.8, iso 100. And her max shutter speed may give her some rear curtain issues. ND Filter will give her the extra stops of light she needs to get shave off to get the exposure right.

  2. Sue, I’m very interested in playing with the ND filter in this fashion. Can you tell me what lens and filter you’re using? I know nothing about them 🙂 Thanks again for broadening my horizons!