10:30:48 Duration

Men Shooting Glamour

What are the unique challenges that men face shooting, marketing and running a glamour portrait business?

Let me show you how to attract women into your brand (learn to speak “woman” in your marketing), and how to shoot beautiful contemporary portraits that sell.


  1. Hi Sue, you said ask if we want….
    Joshua mentioned having an equivalent makeup card for hair, which I know you can’t do, but could you do ones with:
    different types of curls (spring off from your hair styling session) so we can show our hair stylist what we want
    Hair styles for more mature
    Hair styles for younger

    Many thanks

  2. This entire workshop is helpful for both men and women. Sue went to another level training some of the basics that really makes it stick. I will watch this as a go to for many areas.

    1. Do we get downloads? I just signed up and I was hoping for some downloads like lighting diagrams. Something I can take to a shoot with me. Where does she put the downloads?

  3. I was fortunate enough to be part of the day 2 audience for This workshop. There are so many gems in here for both men and women. Even though I was there, I am now watching it and still finding advice and information that will change the way I shoot, do business and feel about myself. Awareness seems to be key to breaking the barrier of our differences so we can be successful and provide a win-win experience. I’m sure this will not be the last time I thank you Sue for the incredible awareness you are providing and the amazing personal experience! #BNG

  4. Sue, I’m considering buying a 5D mark IV and I wanted to jump on your talk about aperture. You said you would shoot 5.6 instead of 2.8 on the mark IV to get a similar result, at 2.8 on the mark III you were setting 640 ISO, do you also go up to 1600 ISO on the mark IV to compensate or also keep it at 640 and slow down your shutter ?

    1. Kevin, you have three components to your exposure setting, Aperture, ISO, Shutter speed. Sue’s mentioned it a couple of times, but she’ll sacrifice the ISO in order to get at the exposure she needs before touching the other two.

  5. Thank you, Gentlemen! I know it’s nerve-wracking enough to photograph with Sue in the room, I can’t imagine how much more intense that is when you are on camera, too! So thank you. Thank you for putting yourself out there and helping us all to learn. 🙂