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This fly-on-the-wall workshop is not about watching me teach. In this Masterclass we watch seven photographers who have been in business for years. This is about having them shoot live, present their work, their websites, and their businesses to you.

Some of these photographers have been shooting for 11 years but have remodeled their businesses in the last 3 years around my business model of contemporary portrait. You will see how they are sustaining and building solid and lucrative portrait businesses in their current market. From London and across the U.S.


    1. I’ve been collecting them for years, vintage shops, and sales, etc…keep your eyes open and you will find yours too.

  1. So formative to see with just how much confidence the photographers direct their shoot. Also interesting to see the colour schemes ; how they match outfits and backdrops. My only critique is that the models are all similar in body type – kind of long and lean and quite young. So much of our work is about adapting to different shapes and variable degree of ease in front of camera. It would be formative to see how the photographers direct in this situation.

    1. Go to the 12 week start up – Week 3 lighting – there is a video on strobes that breaks it down perfectly

    1. Mawiyah, it is right there in 6 — Closing Segment. The first 20-or-so minutes is before the power went out, and it seamlessly transitioning right into the rest that was filmed after the power outage.

    1. You didn’t miss it if you watch it again, n 6 — Closing Segment. The first 20-or-so minutes is before the power went out, and it seamlessly transitioning right into the rest that was filmed after the power outage.

  2. One thing that is anoying me is that Sue is promoting Canon and Profoto. I understand she is sponsored by these companies. She should take one or two minutes at the beginning of each video to advertise the products and then stop saying that Canon is the best every 5 minutes. Other than that I really like the course.

    1. Daniel, she shoots with a Canon and she is sponsored by Canon. It’s natural for her to talk about Canon. When someone else says they have a Nikon, she tries to address it, admits that she doesn’t know or she says she’ll get back to us with an answer.

      In my mind, everyone has their favorite and can explain why it’s their favorite. If this was your course, you’d be talking about your favorite camera and you’d expect everybody to either tune into you or tune you out because IT’s YOUR SHOW!

    2. If Sue Bryce is talking about a product it is because she believes that it is the best product and NOT because she is sponsored by it. If she is saying Canon is the best “every 5 minutes” it is because she WANTS to say it. What have you been watching that makes you think anyone can make Sue Bryce say anything she does not believe in?

  3. I agree with Mahreen! Ashley, thank you so much! When Sue explained to you, my gosh the lightbulb went off in my head! I got it! I bet many others did as well and we all thank you for how you help us!

  4. ant wait for the last bit to be uploaded… waiting for the part where sue speaks directly to ashley sitting on her knees , telling her why she was worth coming in for a shoot using the voucher… it was right before the lights went out.

  5. This for me has been really encouraging to watch you guys and listen to Sues fantastic teaching, It will be great to see how you all flourish more from here, particularly Lenka as I’m based in the U.K. also, it will be interesting to see you push your prices for your beautiful work.

  6. My goodness Sue. It’s almost 2 am EST and I am watching the Master’s Class. How invigorating to hear all the conversations going on simultaneously. I am literally transported! It is as if each photographer is grounded in their own space. That is pretty special. You’re definitely on to something here.

  7. Just when I think we cannot possibly have any more in common Sensei, I find out that we are sisters in the Martial Way. I met you briefly at WPPI in 2016. You were on your way between buildings at the conference and I introduced myself to you, You were so gracious and recommended that I hurry into the building you were leaving to take advantage of the free “spiritual” drink that was being distributed. Thank you for being approachable and unselfish; thank you for never giving up on yourself and on those of us that are watching and learning from you. I have a modest 2500 sq ft warehouse studio space in Waldorf MD and perhaps one day I can show you the fruits of your and my labor. I am sure that you will Grace my studio at some point in time.. Twenty-eight years of military service and I am finally coming into my own. Thank you Sue.

  8. i loved it sue when you said that we are fashion photographers for everyday people…. this reminded me of a time a hosted a photoshoot for a group of photographers and they one of them asked me…well who is the model going to she someone known or some gorgeous model…i wanted to say to him..why does it matter…i wanted just the regular, person off the street …an everyday person…and find their beauty…see their beauty and capture. This is when i knew that this kind of photography is for me.

  9. I feel like I am pretty far behind everyone… good thing I like a challenge! Fantastic information.. Sue is a genius and her crew and everyone have been so inspiring these last two days! I cant wait to be able to have a pertinent questions and wonderful content to share!

  10. Wonderful to be a fly on the wall. Absolutely mesmerizing to watch all those different photographers in action. It answers so many questions I have in my mind, it is going to be fab to see the resulting images, can’t wait.