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Marketing Video Shoot List

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1:36:38 Duration

Marketing Video Shoot List

When our creative minds get going it is easy to forget.

That is why today I am excited to share with you my 17 shot marketing video shoot list. In this lesson I will show you 4 very well done, less than 1 minute, marketing videos created using my 17 shot list.

This lesson is not about editing your videos, it is about how to shoot them.

Join me today as I show you how to breakdown and make effective dynamic marketing videos.

My Marketing Video Shoot List will be available as a PDF download on the this page as soon as this class is done broadcasting.


  1. Absolutely love this video. The way Sue breaks it down into a shoot list is awesome. Loved seeing the final product put to music! Sue is an amazing and passionate teacher!

  2. I’m soooo excited because a wonderful girl came for an interview to be my assistant. She has done lots of video work, which is AWESOME!!! It’s something I’ve been trying to add to my marketing and now I’ll be able to get some kick-ass video!! Woot Woot.