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This will be the first time we have broadcasted from a European time zone. Join us for a life changing event and learn the comprehensive system that is changing the face of portrait photography business world wide.


  1. What a magnificent day! So wish I could’ve been there in person but appreciate the opportunity to see it! Beautiful job photographers and models!!

  2. Thanks sue for taking me on vacation! (in video form) I watched the rebroadcast for the parts I missed during the Italy trip. I really enjoyed it, learned a lot and loved the area. I laughed, I learned, I cried. Most of all I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  3. I have been watching Sue for sometime now, went through the last 12 wks, plan on keeping with the next 12 wks, shooting over 20 years. I was kinda thinking how is the Italy videos going to actually teach me more. Yet I just have to say I have needed a Kleenex box near by, it has been amazing! Thank you Sue for all you have done and keep doing! Your changing my world – I have to tell everyone about you!

  4. I’m so excited to have signed up yesterday so I could watch all of these videos!! Just from your free content around on the internet, I decided it would be worth it to sign up and get my business really THRIVING! Thank you Sue for all you do!

  5. The pitch challenge. I have such difficulty saying the words. They don’t feel right, I have been doing portraits and nature photography for the last couple of years. I just started photography in 2013. I am not a business yet. I haven’t a proper portfolio yet… so *I don’t feel legit.* I feel like an IMPOSTER! There it just burst into my head right after Sue pulled Louise out of the audience to do her pitch. Now I know. I have lots more work to do.

  6. wow this is a really a 2 for one great workshop with you Sue Bryce and all my favorite mentors – ( our girl Bethany Tubman Johs ) miss seeing her here! and then the Beautiful Castle with that Amazing view!!! I dare you to top this one Sue!!! fantastic! cant wait till tomorrow!

  7. Thanks for the reminder just got a last minute call for a wedding this summer and my reply was : ” I no longer offer weddings” ugh i wouldn’t have said that had she called afew weeks ago. I would have sucked it up and taken the wedding