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56:55 Duration

Holiday Cards

This is the time we get together as friends and family. From Thanksgiving all the way through to the start of the new year, this is the PERFECT opportunity to create holiday cards for your business, your staff, your team, your friends, your housemates, and your family. And of course your fabulous pets.

As photographers it’s an opportunity to get people in for sessions.

Update your family portraits and of course make sure you are targeting and staying in contact with your existing database to get them back in as ongoing clients. These people have already spent money with you, because they trust and love your work.

Today’s topic is about exploring multiple revenue streams in your business. I have always been a huge supporter of what I call Hallmark Holidays. Create your marketing around the holidays that we celebrate annually from Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, to Valentine’s Day, and of course our holidays for the end of the year.