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34:19 Duration

Hearing NO in Sales

Tammy Zurak left a corporate sales job to start a business as a glamour photographer – which is now thriving! Sue was blown away the first time she heard Tammy’s belief that if a potential client says, “No”, they just haven’t been properly convinced yet. Go through her selling process step by step and you’ll start believing that “No” really means “Not yet.”

Key Points:

  • Providing a service means that it is never about you or what you’re getting. What could you do to help them?
  • Same goes for when connecting with other businesses. “If I was them, what would I need?”
  • Stop acting like this is out of people’s reach. When people want to pay for something, they will find a way to pay for it.


  1. I like the not talking about money. People always want to know right up front how much a photo shoot will cost. I’ve been setting a workflow system up for myself and now when people ask I will offer to meet with them for a consultation and if we make it through that I feel I’ll have a better opportunity to actually BOOK a client. This is something I’ve not been successful with in the past.

  2. Hi Tammy! Did you get the studio first before you starting inviting people to photograph? I am debating about it. I really need a space but I don’t have enough money right now to open it. What should I do?

  3. Hi Tammy, wow, great info! Thank you so much! So, do you show all the images on the wall, as in slideshow? or you have them printed out in folios to show, as in Reveal Wall? If you could go into depth on that, i’d really appreciate it! Thank you! Mona

  4. Tammy, what kinds of networking groups do you look for? I belong to 4 different business networking groups. 3 of them are women only entrepreneurs. I seem to connect with people while i am there. I have even spoken at one of them to cover for the speaker who did not show up. I have sent PDFs to a lot of them with their permission. I have received emails back from most of the ones who got PDFs but no one has committed to a consultation. Any suggestions? Do you find some groups work better than others? Thanks for teaching your process. You enthusiasm is contagious!

  5. I love this! i needed to hear it because it validates everything I have been creating all summer. Now I just need to get that template because I know this is where I need to be. From the magazine to the networking and “advertising” in the magazine. It is perfect actually.

  6. Pricing wise – are these photos are all printed or it’s digital? And how do you present the work to the client?
    Would be grateful for the response!