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In today’s world of social media, the need for online headshots has opened new doors for attracting clients.

Headshots are a great tool in your studio’s mix of services. Not only do they work for quick revenue, they provide a great introduction for longer-term relationships and up‑selling clients to full portrait sessions.

No one is more qualified to get this business this than you, today’s contemporary portrait photographer.

As you know portrait marketing is a different animal as it’s not based on event marketing like weddings. Instead, we have to sell as a desirable purchase. Having a headshots genre in your business opens up a whole new marketing avenue based on people’s immediate needs — and this gives you a perfect way to bring more people to your brand.


  1. Sue mentioned PDFs for this video to use as a posing guide but its not on this video page… does anyone know where to find it. I feel I’ve done a good search… perhaps I misunderstood something or missed it… Thanks

  2. Hello. I never caught the kind of paper Sue used for the light grey. I found Savage #32 in amazon. Is this the correct roll to order?
    Thank you

    1. I would love to know color she used as well. So many light gays to choose from 🙂

    2. I don’t have the exact name, just light gray, you could ask this question on the big Facebook group, people will help you.