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9:28:03 Duration

The Headshot Workshop


  1. I can’t get section 7 to play at all. Am I the only one or is it down? It buffers every few seconds and then just stops playing all together.

  2. Something is wrong with the audio because I can’t hear anything. The audio was fine yesterday evening when I saw the first two sections of the workshop. But today, I’m unable to hear section 5 only both on my PC and iPhone.

  3. the stealing is so true. I had a client ask for an image for an engagement newspaper announcement (that was a real thing), but didn’t order and then her step mom posted on fb how happy she was to receive a photo of the couple…mine. Framed and all…

  4. Sia has been my favorite songwriter and singer for almost a decade. I even have her portrait tattooed, on my forearm. I’m having a bit of a fangirl moment hearing my mentor reference Sia! lol

  5. I cannot wait to watch this. Ironically, I was shooting headshots during broadcast, and again tomorrow, but when I have some time later this week and this weekend, I’m going to binge watch this and then watch again. Love it. I’m particularly hoping you touch on how to separate your brand if you do both headshots (personal branding) and glamour. Thanks for being brilliant, Sue, and holding us all accountable for our self-imposed value.

  6. oh dear… i hope you guys will be able to turn the volume up later on… i’ve got everything cranked up and it’s still very quiet… thanks so much xx

  7. Love love this. Thank you so much.
    Sue mentions we can download all the guides she printed. I cant not for the life of me find the guide from Caitlin’s headshot session. Am I missing it?

    1. I was wondering the same thing. Is Caitlin’s posing guide available for download yet?

  8. Sue, Craig and the team….Wow, wow, wow…this is already loaded up. You guys are simply amazing. Cannot thank you enough. Namaste…the light in me bows to the light in you

    1. I have to say Sue, that you look extra beautiful in this live show. Also, I loved the content! Thank you!