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17:46 Duration

Harsh Outdoor Light Hack

To harness harsh outdoor light, let’s build an outside light box. Two Foamcore Vflats make a shell diffuse light over the top with Polyester Chiffon or Net Curtain.


  1. I’ve made my own scrims/diffusers by first making a frame out of PVC pipes. They come 10 feet long. Cut them to the size frame you want and connect them with the PVC elbows. White Ripstop nylon is also a great diffuser material. Found at any fabric store. Cut it the same size as the frame and sew wide elastic strips diagnally in each corner keep it attached to the frame. Or simply clamp it.

  2. Thank you Sue! Living in CA and working outdoors presents it’s challenges. Thank you for the great hacks. I too am short and often on my own, without assistants. I often shoot under arches, which helps a bit. I also use nylon parachute material to filter light. Love all your videos.