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DIY Hair

Sue walks us through her tried and true techniques for styling clients’ hair. Learn how to create boho, glamour, and set curls with various irons and brushes, learn the biggest mistake hair-dressers make, how to prep your client before the shoot, and which hair tool Sue would choose in her studio if she could only have one.
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  1. Hi Sue! LOVE THIS, thank you! Other than the dust, did you have products to recommend (either brands or just product types?) I hear that the client is to come with clean dry hair – but do you add any mousse or spray other than the dust? TY!

  2. When you are creating lift with the straighten iron, another tip is to use it for shinny smoothing but then wrap it on a a large velcro roller that you can clip in the hair, so as it cools down the ends won’t curl to tight but you get huge volume at the roots from the velcro roller.
    Jessica Steele-

  3. you can use your straighten iron to create finger waves. Just start at the top, create a curve then go the opposite direction for another curve then go the opposite way for another curve so as you go down the hair section you are going to create about 4 different curves to create finger waves. Then brush it out and you have Veronica Lake type hair. Also use dry shampoo instead of dust so it will absorb in the hair quickly so it won’t show up in postproduction. 🙂