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Folio Critique

At the start of this journey I said to build a business, you first have to build a folio of work that you fall in love with.

That’s what the beginning of this 12-week startup has been all about.

This week, it’s time to look at where we are.

NOTE: Folio Submissions are Currently Closed.


  1. Still pending to get into the Facebook group. =( So upset I missed the deadline for the submissions. Only found out about the 12-week Startup the other day.

    1. It will repeat so you can sign up for the next round! Email support to ask to get in to the FB Start-Up group if you haven’t heard back.

    2. Did you see if you can still upload? I think a few people still added theirs today.

  2. Woohoo!! I can see a score, so happy!!!!! But no feedback yet. I can assume they’re pretty swamped though, gauging by the FB feed happening today! Looking forward to hearing what areas I need to concentrate on to improve my work!

  3. I have the older version of Photoshop CS5 and it only allows me to create the Contact Sheet as a PDF format. I was looking for a way to convert it from PDF to JPEG, but I could not find a way to do it in Photoshop CS5.

  4. Where are the folio submission instructions? Where to submit, how many images, which images are appropriate, etc.? Anyone know? I’m self-paced and out of order for 12 weeks but do not want to miss critique week!

  5. oh dang!!!!! Closed!! Boo 🙁 I actually did one of the assignments Sue gave to us … oh well, I know I’ll learn from the ones who submitted.

    1. it s not closed . You can submit now! Watch the video. The link is on FB page 12 week subscribers only .

  6. Can anyone tell me who this photographer is that did the fine art photography that had the row of children on the bottom. One included a princess and frog.

  7. I know that the 12-week course is coming to the end, but is it possible to still keep the courses up? I’m a beginning photographer with a full-time job, which makes it a little difficult to keep up with everyone else. But I would like to learn and finish everything.

  8. hoppefuly someone can answer to my questions! I submited my folio for critique in time for the live session, Right at the end, due to some health issues with my kids, but I stayed up all night until the 5 am and I did it. No lookink for excuse, just simple reality. My folio contact sheet is not up there, and I did not received any e-mail stating any problem with it. And now the submission is closed so I can’t resend it again. I was waiting for a sign from you guys, You told us that are so many submissions and it will take a while until you’ll go over all and you’ll give us an e-mail if something is wrong with our contact sheet. I am a little disapointed right now! And tired to be honest…two sick kids, I am sick., I am building my studio, that I want to open on March 8th, building folios and everything… Please help me with an answer to my problem!

    1. Adia contact Craig and he will send you information on how to resend they were having some technical problems but I believe its working now…

  9. 🙁 sucks i was caught up with day job work (tax time) and now i played catchup this important element is now over. Will there be a 2nd chance at the end of this course?

  10. If you go under your account you can see that Sue and her team put up all the “photo spreadsheets” that we submitted so you can see everyone images. The actual critique has not been uploaded yet. They have given us the option to be able to share this “spreadsheet” on Facebook. I just keep checking ever few days. Looks great though!

    1. Thanks Yvette. I submitted a folio before the deadline, but I don’t find any of the spreadsheets under my account.

    2. I had submitted one and do not see it yet either – maybe they are still in process of adding them?

    1. Crystal, look at the upper right side of your screen ” RESOURCES
      Submit Your Folio Critique HERE” I’m not sure if Sue’s going to read all the portfolio submitted after deadline but since the link is still working, why not trying?

    2. You can no longer submit them for critique on the website, but you can post it in the SBE 12 Week Start Up Facebook group for other members to critique.

  11. If you haven’t gotten your portfolio in yet try this. Pull your folio up and as Sue goes through these look at yours and see if her critique applies to yours as well. It forces you to figure it out. Thanks Sue and the panel too! Very helpful! 🙂

    1. Hi Donna, you can still submit your folio for critique. Sue couldn’t get to every single one so they are making a section where she will review them online. I’m not sure when that will be up for us to see.

  12. I’ve requested to join the Education and 12week Startup FB page and it is saying “Pending”, can someone kindly accept me? My name on FB is Jill Kyle (Stipek). Thank you.

  13. Well unfortunately, I’ve had some family health issues since week 3. So I plan on re-watching videos starting at Week 1, and basically starting over. Best of luck to everyone!

  14. Sue! you have just taught me something new in photoshop! How I would love you to teach a class from a to z on your photoshopping it is one of my week spots I believe I hak most of my photo shop and would like to learn more like this above thank you for all you teach!

    1. I’ve requested to be on the Education and 12week Startup FB pages since Dec and it just keeps saying Pending.

  15. Wish I had opened this earlier. Usually, there isn’t anything in the folder until the Live session, so I didn’t even know to submit a folio. 🙁 There is so much in the Posing section, I haven’t even finished that yet! So much great information and beautiful work to see!!

  16. Tatiana Colubova: I have CS5 as well. You have Bridge, right? It comes with CS5. You can go to Bridge and make a contact sheet there. That’s what I did and I have the same system as you.

  17. Good Morning Sue – I just submitted a contact shoot of 24 images from 1 shoot. I feel like an idiot because I’ve been setting up appointments to folio build, not realizing that this class was coming up. I thought week 5 was folio build, not folio critique. Totally me. The set of images are from a shoot i did prior to purchasing your course in December. I hope that is OK, because I really do want a critique and to be a part of your Graduation class. Thanks, Marilyn

    1. Same here Marilyn. I thought this was a folio lesson. Hope we can submit a folio at a later date.

    1. This video explains how she wanted the contact sheet (using Photoshop) and how to do it exactly. Deadline was January 30th, 6PM PST.

    2. Tatiana Colubova: I have CS5 as well. You have Bridge, right? It comes with CS5. You can go to Bridge and make a contact sheet there. That’s what I did and I have the same system as you.