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Flow Posing Guide - Woman.pdf

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1:07:42 Duration

Flow Posing Woman


  1. I was curious if anyone might be able to share with me the name of the hand strap Sue is using here. My camera (Canon1dx) is very heavy and it’s taking a toll on my wrist. Thanks in advance.

    1. There are various ones in market but PeakDesign is one of the best if not the best.

      I would also recommend you to move to mirrorless. There are unlimited reasons and benefits to it but one that concerns you here the most is the weight and body size.

      Good luck

  2. Is it possible to see the standing and wall lean in PDF form as well? And the lying down? Great reference points printed out and open on your desk while shooting when your mind goes blank and you can’t even recall your own name. LOL And you don’t want a video playing while shooting.

    1. This was all natural light over a half raised backdrop and a white board reflecting back. #godlight

    1. Is there a PDF for the rest of the shoot somewhere that I am missing? I see the posing for sitting but not the wall, standing, or lying down.