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1:25:47 Duration

Flow Posing Men/Women Compared


  1. Thank you for this segment. I was really struggling and avoiding doing male portraits simply because I wasn’t sure what approach to take. This segment essentially unblocks me on that. Thank you again.

    1. It’s covered briefly in Q&A and in the 3rd part of this segment, “Women & Men Compared”. The poses are generally the same, broad open shoulders, defined jawlines, and strong hands. There are some minor adjustments if the belly gets in the way during a sitting pose, like moving the feet/legs outward more to make room for the belly.

  2. Amazing info Sue. Love your very direct no nonsense mixed with your sense of humour. Thats me to a T. Would have been VERY helpful to see the full posing position in photos too but still unbelievably helpful thanks Sue. You are awesome to share your expertise XO

    1. Hello Heidi, you can download / save the pdf when it opened directly. I have a button on the right top corner (“Download”). Where the download can be started is depending on your Reader-Version or MAC/WIN.

  3. Hi Sue. Great videos.
    Is the only light being used here Kinos behind the large scrim? Also, are you then blocking the lower half of the light source with the background set at chest height. Trying to nail my light setup and keen to learn. Thanks.

  4. Thank you Sue…….I am currently photographing a last-minute (1st) male client and this PDF is just saving my hide lol. He’s currently changing so I’m busy studying up 🙂 You are a lifesaver

  5. I was only able to catch the tail end of this video live so I am so excited to have been able to see the archived version! My only easily available model has been my husband so I’m excited to have so many posing ideas for him. Thanks, Sue!

  6. Working well here in Sweden, using Chrome on a Mac and accessed by clicking the link in your IBWS post and then logging in with FB password etc … thank you guys …. you are an awesome team …. forces of nature !!!!!

  7. Logging in via Disqus, no problems, everything looks great. On Mac/Safari, download does not actually download but opens as PDF. (That is just a data point, not a complaint; in fact, I prefer it). 🙂 –Carol T. Baker

    1. Ha! Just wait until people start posting comments on every video. That will keep you busy!