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28:01 Duration

Flow Posing Man


  1. Love this video! Thanks Sue. I am photographing portraits of an elderly man,
    can’t imagine him on the floor or even on a box. I have an antique stool, and nice antique chair with brocade in wine, and wood arm rests. Any tips on this appreciated.

  2. Thanks Sue – This is fantastic watching you doing the men Posing…I have asked you in the group a while ago and to see how your comments are translated is GOLD!!! THANK YOU!!!

    1. Thank you!! I think my pages weren’t loading completely before so I didn’t see that.

  3. I love this video! – it is great for my younger male clients. However, I do get most of my corporate headshot requests from older men who are not as easy to get on the ground, even on a low box and they are a tad bigger all over than younger men.