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Your First Package Price

A special bonus session on Print Sales bridging the gap between start up/folio build and package sales. You know that awkward gap between shoot and burn and $1200. Boy have I got some solutions.


  1. Hey Sue, great info. If I get the Legacy box at around 300e with 25/30 pics plus Matts I take it I send them the finished photoshop photos and they do the rest or do you give them instructions on how you want it finished i.e Mat or gloss or whatever? I am close to finishing my first studio which is a garage and its looking good, excited about everything.

  2. Sue, I really enjoy this video but without being the party pooper, how and why would a photographer trying to sell “value” offer a product that although is cute is openly available for the public online? I’ve printed my personal photos with Artifact Uprising and the quality of the photos were not in my humble opinion something to offer a client for the amount of money you suggested (except for their fine art enlargements and their frames). I absolutely understand value but clients are also smart and I honestly have the feeling of “ripping off” my clients when offering low quality stuff for this price. The IKEA frames are made with cardboard and two of those fell apart when I accidentally dropped them on my carpet. With that being said, I still think, and I might be wrong here, that if offering a basic package to a client, why not offer something a little better instead? Online you can find great products, even at your local store, that can be pretty, more durable and the client can feel like they’re getting something a little more exclusive for the investments they’re making. It’s a great video anyway! Thank you!

  3. OK just a weird coincidence. I was listening to this and had just jumped on to the ikea website right when she mentioned ikea! And I looked over to see the frames and I HAVE BOTH THOSE FRAMES. Crazy.

  4. Sue, what do you suggest selling a 9-image contact sheet at the 16×20 size…$500? like the wall portraits? this was so timely and so helpful! I have the Folio Box on my pricing now…I wonder if I should keep it and wait until I can carry a box in my space?

    1. Karina, you just need to decide your price, practice saying it out loud, and put it out to the world. This video contains some suggestions but you are the one to decide.

  5. Awesome! I’m so ready to sell these products. Is Sue suggesting that we print these for our clients before in place of the reveal wall? Meeting with them and then taking the order. Sorry, a bit confused.

    1. You can do the way you feel it’s going to work best for your business. Have you tried to watch this video again?

  6. Thank you so much Sue <3. I can't understand where you buy the 25 images in the cellophane neither can I grasp the price (14 dollars?), Can you further help please

  7. Great content as always! I don’t know how Sue does it but immediately after watching the
    ‘5×5-put-it-in-this-cute-little-Ikea-frame’ I went “Why do these things never occur to me?!?!” and slapped myself. Glad Sue came up with these great suggestions!
    Thank you my Sensei (Sue-sei lol).

    1. Thank you so much Sue <3. I can't understand where you buy the 25 images in the cellophane neither can I grasp the price (14 dollars?), Can you further help please?

  8. Not only are these fabulous ways to sell your work but also to market yourself. Now the wheels are really turning. So bloody brilliant Sue! Thanks so much.

  9. Lots of great ideas! I did want to let you know though that I used artifact uprising for the everyday prints for my own personal images a few years ago & they warp pretty quickly. All are curled now – just something to keep in mind!

  10. i am so excited! I was so upset when I looked at the boxes and knew I was not at that level. Soooo, I bought the Graphi Mats and bags from clear bags and sold my 7 x 10 matted prints for $75.00! The first impression was “ahhh that is really high, but I love them!” “Do you take credit cards?” YES! Thank you Sue!