8:17:18 Duration

The Fine Art Workshop

The structure for this fly-on-the-wall workshop is a little different than my typical courses. This experience is about watching the real-world creative process in action.

Day 1: I will introduce each of our photographers, and they will share their fine art concept in a sketch. Then our cameras will follow them as they have the run of my studio to create their fine art portrait, with me helping as their assistant.

Day 2: We’ll discuss what we learned, work on retouching in Photoshop, and print their images for a final dramatic reveal.
Join me as we watch each of these stories unfold one-by-one from concept to framed prints.


  1. I just heard Trisha and Sue mention it ONLY takes “a day/8 hours” to create a composite!! OMGawd… I think that would take me weeks! Amazing LOVING this workshop!

  2. Hi, I am having real problems accessing the videos, most of the time they dont play, i have tried 4g and cable, it just doesnt start up for 80% of the time, is this due to the demand? Trying now at 16:20 GMT? Thanks

  3. Group talk
    Can I say Sue that I love you . Not in a weird way but you resonate with every part of my soul. Your group talk made me cry. I feel exactly how you feel and I love that you just are so amazing and allow us to see the true you as a person and as an amazing mentor. We don’t need to be awesome we just need to love what we do.. Luv ya my beautiful mentor. You know you have come to be such a big part of so many of our lives. Xox

  4. Thank you for fixing day2 segment 4 :). This workshop was so inspiring. I am grateful to the so very talented photographers for letting us hover over their shoulder through their creative process. And of course so grateful to Sue for coming up with this tremendous teaching tool.
    Also thanks to the tech team!
    Thank you 🙂

  5. “Valuing yourself and you will start selling” (getting unstuck) oh Sue utmost respect for you and your transparency. Thank you,thank you thank you.
    I love all the work you women are creating. So inspiring. Blessings to all of you.

  6. Lol! Jennifer, I was just about to write the same thing. I also had to leave before the end. I am looking forward to seing Segment 4 and the finished art…

  7. OMG this was so much fun today!! I had to leave before the last segment, and it looks to me like the “part 4” above is a repeat of “part 1” — was there a part 4 that just isn’t up yet? THANK YOU!!

    1. The first shoot (Melody) did mention that, and Sue has mentioned it before as well. It is $20 at Ikea at the store (not online) from what they have said.