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26:47 Duration

Family Creative

Using the same Mother/daughter trio from the ‘Family Classic’ shoot, Sue takes us through the steps to create a creative family portrait. Full of romance, softness, and showcasing form, we see the three beauties all together in a whimsical portrait and then separate into gorgeous individual poses.

Items Used:

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  1. Hmmm…no retouching..?
    Simply stunning portrait though…I am DEF going to go for the fantasy look with all my clients! It’s just divine and such a unique selling point!

  2. I am so wowed!!! Simply the most gorgeous portraits. Oh if only I could take photos half as good I would be so happy. Thank you so very much Sue for teaching and trying to share your talent the way you do. I am soooo impressed with you it is unbelievable. And on top of that you are certainly a gorgeous, gracious, beautiful lady!

  3. Good morning…I’m trying to find a tutorial/PDF on the tulle skirts you’ve made. I’m sure it is already done because you’re so thorough I just cannot find them.

  4. You mention that the ND filter is so dark that it’s hard to lock focus. Since there’s so much light, I can see using the ND but so much is in focus am curious what aperture you are set at. Thank you for these videos, this is a look (painterly) I’ve worked to achieve before finding your IBWS a couple years ago, I thought I was in the wrong direction because of all the “natural light” enthusiasm. Happy to be seeing these now, I will go back to this idea as i much prefer controlled light.