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17:21 Duration

Editing a Mature Face

Sue guides us through two different ways of editing a mature face: Detail oriented (and rather time consuming!) touch ups, and a special hack she designed in 2003 that will change the way you edit aged faces forever.

Retouch #1: Age Appropriate Editing (7:21)

Sue shows us how to not over do a mature face in the editing process with the clone stamp, removing marks without blitzing the face, fixing saggy chins, softening lines, using the healing too to remove hairs that have blown in front of the face, and most importantly, we learn about editing wrinkles, “We are not removing the wrinkles. We are removing the shadows underneath them. That is the important part.”

Retouch #2: The Full Blitz – (10:00)

Now that we’ve gone through the “correct” way of editing a mature face, watch how Sue does everything you’re not supposed to, in what she calls ‘The Full Blitz’. Learn one of the fastest ways to retouch a face in this exciting cheater’s edition of editing. It will not only save you time but totally surprise you on just how natural your clients look at the end.


  1. Thank you, Sue. This was very helpful in knowing what and how to edit mature faces. I have clients 60+, some even in their 80s. They are stylish women and all ask me to look young and thin. Now I can do this without it looking overdone.

  2. Hi Sue, I am new to your videos and I find them incredibly helpful. Thank you for being so open and real about how you work. It’s inspirational. In the view you say you wish there was a flatten layer command in photoshop. There is! For Mac, it’s Shift+Command+E. Hope that helps!

  3. I am confused how the clone tool can smooth. When I use clone it simply places an exact copy of the target area (which is blotchy). This appears as though gaussian blur…?

  4. This is so incredibly useful as we do more and more work for our moms and aunts and godmoms as clients — they want to see themselves as the vibrant women they are! Thank you, Sue!

  5. Sue, this is so helpful and I have been doing and redoing my mother’s beautiful face using your tutorial. With each time I try, I recognize and see more shadows and how a mature face is how you say about reducing shadows. Jowls and deep smile lines are challenging me in knowing how far to take them before the face looks flat as well as how to edit a turkey neck (i don’t know how else to call it…) Its not a double chin but some loose skin under the neck. I wonder if you have any suggestions? Thank you!!

  6. Love the “faded blitz” you use here, Sue! I’ve been doing something similar for years but only in pieces and not the whole blitz at once on one layer… this is WAY faster! Why didn’t I think to do it all on one layer?! LOL! I would edit different areas and soften them individually in pieces just the way you make little pieces to warp. Like, literally the bag under each eye would be its own layer. I suppose that would be fine if you’re doing a single beauty shot and every tiny detail needs to be perfect, but for sessions where you have to edit a few dozen images? This is a million times faster and has the SAME result. Bless you, Sue. I never watched these editing videos before now because I was happy with my results, but there’s always something new to learn, isn’t there? There’s at least 12 ways to do any one thing in Photoshop and I’m so grateful for opportunities to learn from different people who use it regularly so I can have a few more tricks up my sleeve in a pinch. Thank you again!