1:14:35 Duration

Dry Ice Photoshoot

Today’s live session is a demonstration of how to create fine art ethereal portraits with dry ice.

Working with dry ice comes requires an awareness of safety aspects such as ventilation and handling so I worked with fine art photographer Tatiana Lumiere who does workshops on how to shoot with and use dry ice safely.

It’s wonderful to bring in elements that don’t normally exist in your studio. Play with changing your shooting environment instead of limiting yourself to only compositing textures in with Photoshop. The dry eyes creeps along the floor and brings a unique look to portraits.


  1. Starting of the new year the best I can; watching your video’s Sue. So tempted to do a dry ice photoshoot this year. You look incredibly happy and you make me happy to Sue. Happy new year!

  2. If you want to create continuous dry ice “smoke”, grab an electric hot plate and a large sauce pan, deep walled skillet, etc… Put your pan onto the hot plate, add water, and bring the water to a boil. Once boiling, add the dry ice and keep the heat on high to maintain the water temperature. The ice will continue to produce smoke until it is completely depleted as long as the water temp remains high. The greater the surface area of the pan, the greater the volume of smoke you can produce. A large pan with a large chunk of dry ice will produce a lot of smoke for several minutes.
    Time tested Halloween party trick and your kids will love it too,
    Hope this helps!

    1. Daniel, it is only natural light. There are two big tall windows at 10′ and 2′ They give perfect flat light for this set-up.

  3. This talk is so good! Someone should make a “Sue doll butt-kicker” with this talk! Thank you Sue for this, I felt as if you were talking to me directly. I am digging myself out of depression and it is so hard. I thank everyday for finding you. You are a blessed human being. I can’t wait for meeting you in London. Beautiful soul!! xx

    1. Seems that my comment didn’t move with the first part/talk of this shoot, which is now at the self value. It belongs to the Am I the best version of myself? I can’t wait to try this technique! well done girls! x