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Magazine Shadow

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41:05 Duration

DIY Photoshop Design


  1. Yes now I finally got this! It took me days to understand how to size the image correctly so I can pick and drop..ha ha. Love Contact Sheets…Thank you Sue Bryce for making this beautiful sheets 😀

  2. For PS newbies like me, I just figured out that you can’t drag and drop the templates into PS. If you do this, it will create one flat file. Instead, double click the template and it will automatically open up in PS and as multiple layers. I hope that helps others!

    1. yes, you can. You have to be sure the file you are dragging is the .psd format file. (and of course it has to be extracted from the archive)

  3. Anyone have success sourcing the individual frames used for the contact sheet? I know Alien Skin has some but I would like to be able to use them in PS quickly for formating for blog posts and designs.

  4. I downloaded the contact sheet template, however all the frames seem to be on the same layer and In the video each frame appears to be all on their own separate layer to work as intended. Am I missing something?

    1. Julie, the frame is on one layer. You have to import nine different images and place each on a new layer so that you can move them around independently. The template is called 2×3 but it’s actually nine-up, or 3×3. The key is to size each of the nine images correctly prior to importing them; I’ve found that sizing them at 2×3″ at 300 ppi is about right. The actual size is a bit smaller (approx. 1.95″ x 3″), but that will work as a starting point. Keep the frame layer as the top layer so that its borders hide the edges of the nine imported images. Hope that helps.

  5. I love that I can watch a few of Sue’s PS videos and have an exponentially stronger grasp on it than after taking a semester of PS, in college. <3 you Sue. You're!

  6. This was so helpful. I had to teach myself PS through online tutorials to save money. These lessons cover so many tips and tricks that will be immediately useful.

    1. The template for the Magazine Shadow is in the Downloads section of this page. It is labeled Magazine Shadow

    2. Craig, but when I click on the Magazine Shadow Templates.Zip and the Contact, they import into PS but are blank? The vouchers template actually has vouchers that we can work with when they are imported. Maybe it’s my version of PS…no clue…

    3. Craig, I just saw the video. I didn’t realize they are supposed to be blank! LOL.

  7. Thank you Sue, I will be buying Shauna’s templates as soon as I have enough images to make a PDF and more, meanwhile this is great for practice, I have also learned how to make spaceless contact sheets and they look great. You’re the best.

    1. I found a video on YouTube, it looks pretty good, also shawna has some on her etsy page

    2. Do you have alink to the video, I can’t order Shawna’s I have to make my own.

  8. Hi Sue, all the download files open up with 9 empty boxes when I open them in Photoshop CC. Will these download files only work with CS6 or earlier and not CC? Thank you.

    1. Helena, The same thing happens to me too. Were you able to figure it out? The templates open up but they are blank. No clue…

  9. I am not able to view the videos for some reason, I have refreshed my browser and still no luck. I am able to see them on my iphone and ipad but not on my laptop for some reason. Never had this issue before 🙁

  10. Sue, you showed a technique once using the gradient tool and I cannot for the life of me recreate that. Could you do a quickie video showing that? Thanks in advance xo

    1. I was wondering this same thing too! (I can only see a download for “Contact Sheets”). Thank you!!

    2. yes i joined up to download the magazine template she was talking about in the video; but theirs only the frame collage? is there an actual Mag template?