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DIY Marketing Design


  1. I DONT BELIVE IN MYSELF. But your words make me believe in what I do. You are my heart, Sue and when I succeed, it will be due in great part to what I’ve learned from you

  2. Hello Sue, would you be so kind as to show me step by step how to mathematically figure out my average sale. I was born with Dyscalculia so I need an example i.e. 1+1=2. My last sale was $350.00 six months ago. I am currently folio building. Thanks.

    1. Add up every sale you have made, including no sales. Divide that number by the number of sales, including no sales.
      Say your sales look like this: $100, $450 $2000 $0 $250. Add those numbers to get $2800
      You’ve had 5 sales in total, so divide $2800 by 5 = $560.
      Your average sale is $560.00

      Does that help?

  3. Still can’t find the Magazine and Gift Voucher Downloads. Only see Contact Even at the dii-photoshop-design page. Another way to get them?

  4. Your offering templates, where can we find them? On the new site or the old one? And when you ask me to see my PDF, which item are you looking to see, the cantaliver card, business card, or magazine?

    1. Not sure if you’ll see this Craig (being a reply to Susan Knappe) – I am only able to find one download – Contact Sheets – Sue had mentioned several other templates that would be available. Am I just missing where they are ? Thanks.