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Curves Shoot: Shauna
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47:46 Duration

Curves Shoot: Shauna

Watch how Sue works with the incredibly stunning, Shauna, in this Curvy Photoshoot. Her end goal is to make Shauna look like she is on the cover of a high fashion magazine. Sue will show you how to find your client’s best angles while positioning arms, elbows, hands and stance to embrace their curves. She even finds some tulle to practice with to create some nice movement shots. Learning to get creative with movement is rewarding because you can produce such amazing photographs. Help capture your clients at their best so they will feel like complete CoverGirls.

Then, Sue takes you through the retouching process. She will give you great advice on what to do and what not to do while touching up your photos from your curvy photoshoot. Of course, most women want bigger boobs and a smaller waist. Sue walks you through the steps she’s learned to make this a seamless process. Always remember to keep what your clients want in the back of your mind. Ultimately you want them to be happy with your product!

This is a great course because you are literally in the shoot with Sue, watching how she directs and handles her clients.


Curves Photoshoot- Shauna



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