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Composite Portraits

This, without doubt, is one of the most fun tutorials I have done.

Join me live today. I will show you this shoot, and walk you through the creative process for both shooting and post production. I did this shoot with photographer and graphic designer Trisha Hadley.

I used the same girl in every pose of this tutorial, but I cannot wait to do this with a large group or family. I plan to explore this further with more props and backgrounds in future projects.


  1. One thing that is anoying me is that Sue is promoting Canon and Profoto. I understand she is sponsored by these companies. She should take one or two minutes at the beginning of each video to advertise the products and then stop saying that Canon is the best every 5 minutes. Other than that I really like the course.

  2. Hi, this video is found under the retouching category…..but it’s the same as the shooting video. Where is the editing of this composite shown? Am I missing it?

  3. I still have one question regarding how to set up the people. If I have a person sitting and position a person right behind wouldn’t it be natural that there is a slight shadow of the person sitting somehow on the person’s torso standing behind? I know the light was soft so the shadows will also be super soft but I still struggle to visualise it in my head. Thank you for any answers coming my way.

    1. When your shooting keep an eye on how far the shadows are falling onto the backdrop. If you have soft enough light you will find that the shadow will likely not become a problem.

    1. Me too! Trying so hard to be patient but I’m afraid if I don’t ask I might miss it some place LOL!

  4. I could see this as a “Lifestyle” composite…she starts in the morning outfit, different clothes for her various activities, ends in full makeup and a gown, first shot might be the morning “Before” shot, total transformation through “a Day in the Life”. I would think there’d definitely be a market for this with single clients…

  5. I know you were struggling with everyone wanting to do the composite with one person and I’m so sorry for that but I think it proves that even with the education side “you sell what you show.” 🙂 Thanks for the great tutorial.

    1. I’m in no way trying to be snarky, it was just my thoughts when you were trying so hard to tell everyone that it was NOT your intent to get them to do a composite with one client.