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31:40 Duration

Braids & Flowers

Learn how and where to buy and place artificial hair and fake flowers to easily place into your client’s hair to create beautiful and emotional images for your clients. From tiny to large blooms, the power of bobby pins, and the accessibility of hair pieces, Sue will show you how a little bit of budget and craftiness will go a long way for your next shoot.

Key Points:

* Do not feel like you need to go out and buy loads out flowers if you are just starting your studio! Sue did not do this when she did not have the money to spend on it in the beginning.

* Flowers like this do not need to be expensive. You can find them at different craft stores like Michael’s or Joanne Fabrics. Prices will vary widely — sometimes as cheap as $2.00 a bunch if you find a sale and up to $49 for real silk flowers.

* Just be careful with the cheaper flowers because they tend to be more shiny. You want to make sure you cut the light on them to reduce the shine while you are shooting them.

* If you want to have really cool braids with flowers in your client’s hair, you don’t have to have your hair stylist spend hours creating it. We usually don’t have that kind of time. Instead, you can buy synthetic hair that is pre-braided or you can do the braids yourself.

* You can easily attach the braids to your clients hair with bobby pins to create a completely different look.

* Then you can add mini roses into the hair to create another different look.

* Again, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on this. But, the investment you do make will pay you back again and again when you create beautiful images using them!


Sourcing Flowers

Sue teaches us how to source and choose the best flowers for the most effective look for the least amount of money.


Hair Braids and Mini Flowers

Take the time back from a hairdresser and put it in your own hands. Grab synthetic braids and quickly bobby pin them into your client’s hair while easily placing flowers wherever it suits your creative needs.

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