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Blocks & Fears

“The ability to recall fear is visceral and it is incredible. When you tell me that there is fear around what you’re doing, that is NOT the truth. It is only a projected anxiety that you are feeling.” Learn from Sue about how fear and anxiety are two totally different things, and how you can work through and grow from both. “You are not here to overcome fear, but rather manage anxiety.” Sue talks us through the feelings of self-hate, shame, and anxiety and her journey with these intense emotions that can rule our lives, but ultimately, can be let go.


  1. I joined today… say this is what I have been struggling with is an understatement. This is the second or third video i have watched and it was like a divine intervention. I have had my stomach in knots over a job that I know I know I can complete but have had such high levels of anxiety over it i haven’t slept in days. Whilst watching this I felt myself becoming lighter and lighter and lighter. I go into this job now managing my anxiety, I will do all of my prep work and research and be confident in myself – I never thought about why this particular job was ‘scaring’ me – I MUST WANT THIS……I realised my level of anxiety is 100% relative to the amount of desire I have to do this shoot and do it well. It will open doors for me that i never thought possible. I’m going to come at this now from a completely different place and state of mind and I thank you for that x x x

  2. What makes Sue such an extraordinary teacher is that she is not afraid to be honest about what scares her coupled with her natural inclination to nurture. I just wanted to add that we can step into ANY emotion as easily as we can step into fearful ones. For example, if you remember a time (memory) when you’ve felt empowered, neurologically you shift (state of mind change), and you can use that emotion from a previous positive event (past) in the present moment to feel empowered. Ex., Was there ever a time when you “put yourself out there” and overcame your fear? Riding a bike for the first time on two wheels, or standing up in front of a group to present something? What did it feel like when you succeeded? What did it feel like when you were freely rolling down the street on two wheels unassisted for the first time after believing you couldn’t do it? How about that feeling of accomplishment you felt when you know you did a good job after starting out scared? Are you shoulders raising right now, and are you inhaling deeply as you think of that memory or any other when you felt empowered We put so much focus on things that scare us, but tend to forget that ALL our past emotions have great power to change us in the moment. In fact, the quickest way to change your present state of mind is to change your physiology and the feelings will follow.

  3. OMG, love you Sue Bryce!
    I have pulled up some of your video tutorials at the most amazing times of personal growth…. you come forward with incredible insight that is so personal and real…. thankyou x

  4. Thank you for that emotional video and stories. And thank you so much for Transcript, it helps me so much for understanding all the content (i’m french). So, i hope in future, all videos will be transcripted. All the best

  5. I’ve been listening to Esther Hicks for just over a year now and this all ties in so beautifully with what she talks about.
    Most fear is just a bogus emotion and means we’re out of alignment with what our higher self knows to be true.

  6. oh my goodness. No idea these were my feelings for years – all wrapped up inside like tight tendons pulling and reshaping my insides. much to work on. much to unravel, reshape and loosen. thank you does not begin to express my sentiments. <3

  7. Sue, you’re Wonderful. I’ve had self esteem problems all my life. Because of having Cerebral Palsy I was picked on for many years. So, even though people have enjoyed the photos I’ve taken I still don’t think I’m good enough. Thank You for being so open and honest about your feelings. As much as I admire you finding out that you had difficulties gives me hope. 😉

  8. I am a loss for words for there is much truth to what you said in my own life today. Thank you, your a gift from God, I shared with my rheumatologist about you today, I had the Rangefinder magazine with me and showed her the photo of using Prophoto products and how I was picked to go to your workshop. I told her how transparent you are about your past and present. The blocks on money and such, valuing ourselves. She was so excited to hear all this she wrote your name down and going to look you up. She was hugging me by the time I left with joy and excitement. First time a Dr ever hugged me. I am hoping to photograph her in the future. Thank-You for this talk.

  9. I joined Sue Bryce Education for many reasons, but one of the biggest ones was that I knew that you, Sue, addressed these issues. I saw that first Creative Live class you refer to, and I knew right then that I needed to hear what you had to share. So I watched you from afar, and I joined the group MONTHS ago, and I made every excuse not to watch anything…EVEN THOUGH I WAS PAYING!!! Something happened today that made me say, “No more of this, Karen. Go watch Sue right now and start getting over your crap.” Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for sharing from your soul what you have learned. From this moment on, with some tears flowing, I am choosing to get better. One day I want to hug you in person.

  10. So, this is hittin so deep for me.. My first memories are of violence and fear and they came from the one man that was supposed to be my protector. This has effected my entire life. That fear has blocked me from healthy relationships and self love. and success.. I am done letting this rule me!

  11. Fear–False Evidence Appearing Real –Joyce Meyer I believe her teaching on this is in the book Battlefield of the Mind. So much truth here–thanks Sue!

  12. I am so truly grateful for your ability to put emotions into words like no one I know. Everything you say it’s clear and mind blowing. So simple and yet so powerful. Every single word, story and example is a big eye opener, like a torch able to shed the light onto the obscure mass, the confusion and universal basic insecurities that most of us have. You make me feel good by giving me a kick in my shins. You have got to love your honesty and your ability to get real. Thank you.

  13. I really needed this. I have been on the site a few weeks now. I love it all. But I really needed this. “You will become as successful as the amount of pain you are willing to endure.” -Sue Bryce

  14. Wow another eye opening moment… On this Early (0100) FL Sue’sday. This truly spoke to my heart . I cried more than a few times but what is important here is realization. Acceptance is one I definitely will be working on . Cheers to managing anxiety. Love you Sue . Much respect.