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Black Lace
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49:37 Duration

Black Lace


Let’s talk styling and building a studio wardrobe. Coaching your clients on what to bring to their shoot is key – and they will be more invested from the start. Go through a couple of Sue’s good and bad purchases for her wardrobe – and find out how to know what to buy, how much to spend, and what sizes to get.

Items Used:

  • Vintage skirt $30
  • French top $85
  • Designer neck piece

Key Things to Take Away:

  • Making a commitment to shop for your studio wardrobe can help build your sales in the long run
  • Your average client will bring in bad clothes, educate them beforehand
  • When buying pieces, pay attention to pieces that can pay for themselves over and over


When shooting Rayna in the black lace dress, Sue started with her standard posing. By the end of the shoot, she ended up falling in love with the more avant-garde posing.

Items Used:

Key Things to Take Away:

  • As a photographer, knowing when to stop each sequence is key. It is important to know when you’ve got the shot you needed and you can walk away.

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